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Easy Hardware Removal and Installation

In terms of hardware, an ASUSTOR NAS is designed to be easy both inside and out. Opening an ASUSTOR NAS has never been easier, with covers that easily slide off for easy removal and installation of hard drives, RAM, and M.2 SSDs. On the AS1000T and AS3000T series, the chassis and hard drives installed in in the interior hard drive frame all use thumbscrews. The AS4000T and Nimbustor series feature hard drive bays that are completely tool-free and install using clips. The Nimbustor series also feature accessible RAM underneath the bays, making disassembly of the NAS unnecessary for upgrades.


Three Steps to Installation

In terms of software installation, as long as a computer is connected to a local network and is able to open webpages, ASUSTOR ADM on an ASUSTOR NAS can be accessed and used. ADM will guide you through simple installation steps to get started with your NAS. Upon completion of the initialization process, ADM presents you with an intuitive web user interface, which is completely designed with simplicity in mind while providing options for customization with its app-centric design. The goal is to get all users started quickly and to mitigate the learning curve. In addition, if you don't want to access your NAS with a computer, ASUSTOR also provides apps for mobile operating systems like Android and iOS to provide access to your NAS. ASUSTOR’s mobile apps include, but are not limited to searching for NAS devices on a local network, initialization, system installation, power management, ADM firmware updates, monitoring system resources, to event checking, file management, multimedia playback, downloads, and security surveillance. Using an ASUSTOR NAS is as simple as ever.

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