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Video Director: Jakob Owens - BuffNerds

  • Location: USA
  • Industry: Film Industry
  • NAS Model: AS5304T


Jakob Owens is a dynamic video director based out of L.A. whose work spans across multiple forms of film. Jakob has flexed his directorial expertise for music videos, films, commercials and his YouTube Channel, TheBuffNerds, which has amassed over 260 million views and 790k subscribers. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBuffNerds/featured

The Challenge

While most Hollywood directors have armies employees making sure jobs are done correctly, financial considerations mean that Jakob has to be far more efficient and with his resources and is unable to have everyone in the same city. Not everyone is able to easily access their video files because various groups of employees film parts of a project in different places or cities. Higher quality videos also eat up a tonne of space, and Jakob and his team can’t be worrying about whether they have enough storage left to shoot the next scene for the project.

The Solution

What Jakob needed was a remote storage solution that was big enough to hold all their files in one place, giving their teams access to important work data at anytime and anywhere. Most importantly, he couldn’t risk having that storage unit fail, so he needed something that had protection.


With its best-in-class warranty, up to 56TB of storage, and the ability to stream 4K video on the 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet ports, Jakob purchased two ASUSTOR AS5304T units that were exactly what he needed.

The AS5304T also provides Jakob with tighter control over livestreams with ASUSTOR Live. Three simple steps and Jakob is ready to rebroadcast and store the streamed content. ASUSTOR Live is compatible with a variety of platforms simultaneously, so if Jakob has a client who needs their content on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or any other RTMP-compatible platform, one device is all Jakob needs to stream to all those destinations.

What Makes Change after Using ASUSTOR

After entrusting ASUSTOR with his storage needs, Jakob can now more easily share files with his employees working across the country and now has a storage solution large enough to save full livestreams. Jakob can manage everything while he’s working on set, improving his overall workflow, boosting his productivity and reducing the time spent dealing with file transfers with his new ASUSTOR storage solution.

ASUSTOR NAS Advantages

  • Backup Plan
  • USB external backups
  • Scheduled backups
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Photo Gallery
  • Easy sharing
  • Wide variety of apps
  • Quiet and efficient