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美國屋頂營建修繕公司 Roofing Co.,Inc.

Company: An American roofing company

  • Location: MI, US
  • Industry: Roofing and construction
  • Model: AS5102T


As a commercial and industrial roofing company specialized in built-up roofing, this company has served Southeast Michigan for 35 years. After receiving client requests, the technicians for the company will go to the site to survey the job and take measurements and photos. Afterwards, the technicians will travel back to the office to report on the project. However, as the company services and extremely large area, sometimes several hours of driving are required to get to different job sites. Therefore, the company service technicians would have to leave the office around 7am and get back to the office around 5 pm and the service manager would have to stay late (until 8 or 9 pm) or come in early (around 4 am) to get all the paperwork completed for projects. Also if the service technicians discovered there were missing documents while on a job site, they would have to travel back to the office to retrieve them which took up a lot of time and extended the amount of time that it took to complete the job. Because of a desire to simplify a diverse workflow and improve productivity, this roofing company began searching for a cloud storage solution.


With regards to the company’s needs, ASUSTOR recommended using a 2-bay NAS model to act as the company’s data center with a RAID 1 storage volume configuration for data protection. Because the company requires remote data access to speed up the work process, employees will be able to use the AiData mobile App to remotely access data on the NAS, after access permissions have been configured.
Technicians at the work site can take photos and immediately upload them to the NAS at the company office via AiData. The designers and managers at the office will be able to immediately access the photos and begin planning the job without having to wait for the technicians to return from the work site. Before beginning work on the site, the office staff can also first upload any associated files (such as client, location and notes) to shared folders on the NAS. This way the crew at the work site will be able to access relevant information at any time, increasing their efficiency and enhancing the overall quality of service provided by the company.
ASUSTOR NAS supports cross-platform file access, suitable for use with Windows, Mac and Unix-like systems allowing for the seamless sharing of data. Employees can now back up their files, and can access them remotely at any time via FTP in urgent cases. This effectively enhances an area that was previously extremely time intensive with technicians having to drive back to the main office to retrieve files. By increasing efficiency, the number of hours worked by employees has also been decreased allowing them to spend more time with their families. ASUSTOR has provided a stress-free data center solution for this company, effectively enhancing their workflow, increasing productivity, and creating an even better customer service experience that has been driving company growth.

Advantages of an ASUSTOR NAS Solution:

  • Simple and easy to use operating system (ADM)
  • Cross-platform file access
  • Flexible access permissions configuration and data sharing
  • Cloud ID for remote access
  • Mobile cloud access with AiData
  • Centralized data storage and backup center