Want high resolution recordings but worried about choppy video when viewing surveillance feeds remotely?Surveillance Center now supports 3 independent video streaming modes*, allowing administrators to configure default resolutions for recordings and viewing feeds remotely. Users can select appropriate resolutions based on network bandwidth and the number of channels that they are viewing, optimizing video streaming under different network bandwidth limitations.
*Number may vary according to camera brand.
Optimized system and increased number of supported camera channels
The ASUSTOR development team is continuously producing new innovations and breakthroughs. This upgrade significantly optimizes system performance once again while increasing the number of supported camera channels. 7 series devices now support up to 49 channels via purchasable camera licenses, while 62, 61, 51, and 50 series can now support up to 25 camera channels. The added number of supported channels meets the surveillance demands of small to medium businesses and stores while also providing a large amount of added flexibility for future expansion.
Supports HTTPS encrypted connections
The secure transfer of surveillance feeds is seen as a critical digital asset. Using a secure connection can ensure the privacy and security of surveillance feeds transmissions. ASUSTOR NAS supports HTTPS connections allowing users to log into Surveillance Center and view surveillance feeds via encrypted connections no matter if they are using Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari.

* Support Windows only
Increased number of compatible camera brands
--> In addition to providing 4 free camera channel licenses, ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center is also continuously expanding and integrating cameras from world renowned brands, providing users with added flexibility and convenience when selecting components to create a comprehensive surveillance solution. For more information on all of the camera brands that ASUSTOR has collaborated with, please visit: