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Media Review

28 Awards
NAS for home asustor NAS


NAS for home

" Computor!Totaal: For several years Asustor has been the challenger. The AS5202T and the AS5304T are the only ones at the top of the nas market. (Link to review) More » "

Computer!Totaal, Netherlands 2020-06
Editorial Tip asustor NAS

AS3102T v2

Editorial Tip

"A modern nas goes further than just network storage and is a combination of hardware and software. The operating system determines what you can do with your nas. From-that we are paying extra attention this month to those options More » "

Computer Totaal, Netherlands 2019-06
Excellent Choice Award asustor NAS


Excellent Choice Award

"ASUSTOR AS4002T costs you an average of 279 euros, which makes it the cheapest participant in the tests after the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra. You will receive a well-performing NAS, especially in NASPT's field tests, with both two gigabit Ethernet ports and USB 3.0 connections. Finally, the existing 10 g ... More » "

Hardware.Info, Netherlands 2018-12
Review  asustor NAS



"The Asustor AS6204T is an excellent NAS on the market which has access to sufficient possibilities. The NAS is ideal for use for different applications, so there are plenty of media functionality present. Thanks to the Intel Braswell Celeron processor, the NAS is fast and powerful. More » "

Technieuws, Netherlands 2016-12
Best in Test (Oct. 2016) asustor NAS


Best in Test (Oct. 2016)

"The test shows that you can already buy a very decent NAS for two hundred euros, which you can use to store and share files on the home network but also via the Internet. In addition, each of these NAS devices can provide limited additional services like downloading torrents or streaming media. Ulti ... More » "

Computer Totaal, Netherlands 2016-09
REDACTIE TIP Award, June 2016​ asustor NAS


REDACTIE TIP Award, June 2016​

" ASUSTOR ADM offers a lot of standard functionality and expandability number is huge and very diverse. More » "

Computer Totaal, Netherlands 2016-06
Excellent Choice Award asustor NAS


Excellent Choice Award

"The ASUSTOR AS3104T NAS offers pretty good performance for 389 euros thanks to the dual-core Celeron processor and 2 GB of memory on board. The ADM environment is pleasant to work with and offers plenty of opportunities. The HDMI connector is a nice extra, thus you can use the NAS combined with the ... More » "

Hardware.Info, Netherlands 2016-04
High score evaluation asustor NAS


High score evaluation

"The AS3102T is an excellent NAS focused on the multimedia user. Thus, the AS3102T NAS features many multimedia features and a fairly fast Intel processor. More » "

Technieuws, Netherlands 2016-03
Excellent entry-level NAS asustor NAS


Excellent entry-level NAS

"The ASUSTOR AS1002T is a very good NAS for the entry-level category. The hardware is fine and the speed is very good. Especially for a sum of 200 euros, the NAS is interesting. More » "

Technieuws, Netherlands 2016-01
Excellent Choice Award asustor NAS


Excellent Choice Award

"With the AS1002T, ASUSTOR releases a very interesting NAS with great potential and an excellent level of performance. It is the first model released by the brand that moves into a lower price segment. You can see that mainly reflected in the price tag of around 200 euros. For us, the AS1002T is an e ... More » "

Hardware.Info, Netherlands 2015-11
Gold Award asustor NAS


Gold Award

"A rugged housing and expanded capabilities feature in the ASUSTOR AS5004T NAS. The addition of HDMI and a remote control make it ideal for the living room while it can be deployed in a business situation as a complete desktop PC. More » "

GadgetGear, Netherlands 2015-08
MKB Proof Award 2015 asustor NAS

AS7010T, AS-304T

MKB Proof Award 2015

"We are not really surprised by the support for cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive but also HiDrive and Amazon S3 are supported for enough backup capabilities. Use the AS7010T as a media center. Through the ASUSTOR Portal application you will get access to a handful of applications like XBMC ( ... More » "

Winmag Pro, Netherlands 2015-08
NAS and media player asustor NAS


NAS and media player

"There is ample choice of standard application and functionality, combined with the wide range of Apps that include too many for all to be mentioned here. Downloaders and media enthusiasts will have plenty of choice. There are also various sync and cloud options. Installing ASUSTOR Portal will give y ... More » "

Computer Totaal, Netherlands 2015-07
Gold and Silver awards asustor NAS

AS5002T, AS5102T

Gold and Silver awards

"We are very fond of these two models from Asustor. They provide excellent performance. Consider the connectivity and smart apps. The presence of an HDMI connection makes these models even more attractive if you are looking for network and media player functionality in one device. We recommend both m ... More » "

Hardware Info, Netherlands 2015-05
High rating for its performance and multimedia capabilities asustor NAS


High rating for its performance and multimedia capabilities

"ASUSTOR has in the AS5002T an excellent NAS which primarily features multimedia functionality such as XBMC and Kodi. The NAS also has enough scalability because you can upgrade the NAS from 1GB to 8GB. More » "

Technieuws, Netherlands 2015-04
Review asustor NAS



"Conclusion: The Asustor AS7004T is a very good NAS which is especially suitable for multimedia functionality. The NAS has enough scalability to upgrade the internal RAM memory up to 16GB. More » "

Technieuws, Netherlands 2015-03
Review asustor NAS



"The AS5102T hangs between the two at last. Thus, also the multimedia performance of the NAS pushed forward. With the HDMI port for example, you hang a screen to your NAS and you have a nice multimedia setup for movie consumption. An option to backend for your surveillance system (via Surveillance Ce ... More » "

Winmag Pro, Netherlands 2015-02
Best Choice 2014 asustor NAS


Best Choice 2014

"The AS7010T provides all the best functionality offered by a NAS and much more. It offers unlimited potential for enterprise and multimedia applications. More » "

Winmag Pro, Netherlands 2014-12
Scored 8.5 asustor NAS


Scored 8.5

"Conclusion The ASUSTOR AS-304T is a highly competitive and complete NAS that offers great value for money. The media player functionality is available and is a welcome addition. More » "

WinmagPro, Netherlands 2014-09
Review asustor NAS



"The use of the firmware is very simple and contains most of the features which are also present in the competition. More » "

Techniewus, Netherlands 2014-04
Gold Award asustor NAS

AS-302T, AS-602T

Gold Award

"The ASUSTOR AS-302T has an infrared receiver and the ASUSTOR Portal platform which includes YouTube, Chrome and XBMC looks very nice. A good choice if you want a media player and NAS in one. Gold for this model. The AS-602T comes with excellent features and performance as well as range of multimedi ... More » "

Hardware.Info, Netherlands 2013-12
Gold Award asustor NAS


Gold Award

"ASUSTOR's ADM 2.0 operating system makes managing a NAS easy for the average user. The Intel Atom processor is not the fastest that you will find on a NAS but it is fast enough to make use of all the available apps. Excellent data transfer rates, an HDMI port and remote will ensure that the AS-204Te ... More » "

Gadget Gear, Netherlands 2013-12
Review asustor NAS



"Conclusion: Versatile network storage device which can also be used as a media player Plus: Many Apps, HDMI connector and XBMC More » "

ComputerIDEE, Netherlands 2013-10
Value Award asustor NAS


Value Award

"ASUSTOR have recently developed the second version of their ADM software which is very responsive and quite easy to use. We can install lots of applications in order to enhance server functionality like Dropbox, Download Center, Surveillance Center, SoundsGood and much more. We can always migrate th ... More » "

Madshrimps, Netherlands 2013-09
Silver Award asustor NAS


Silver Award

"The ASUSTOR AS-302T is a very versatile and capable NAS device. The build quality is solid, it has a nice, metal chassis and lots of features. Even if we leave the HDMI port out of the equation, this is a NAS certainly worth considering if you're looking for a more deluxe model with lots of possibil ... More » "

Hardware.Info, Netherlands 2013-09
The NAS with media player asustor NAS


The NAS with media player

"The AS-602T NAS can be seen as a mini-PC. It puts all your files in one place on your network and when you install Boxee, the NAS even acts as a media player. More » "

CHIP, Netherlands 2013-04
Gold Award asustor NAS


Gold Award

"Asustor makes a great first step into the NAS market with the 6-series. The AS-602T is very powerful. Also the hardware is well put together. The interface is logical and has a huge range of apps that is regularly expanded. More » "

Gadget Gear, Netherlands 2013-04
Review asustor NAS



"With the AS-604T NAS device, ASUSTOR has created an outstanding first entry. The chassis is solid and attractive, the display is practical, and the firmware is very good for such a young company. More » "

Hardware.info, Netherlands 2013-02