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Remote Center asustor NAS App

Remote Center


With your ASUSTOR NAS becoming your multimedia player, Remote Center will act as your multimedia player’s remote control manager. After installing this App, you will be able to control multimedia playback on your ASUSTOR NAS using:

1. ASUSTOR remote control

2. AiRemote for iOS & Android

Additionally, Remote Center will also allow you to use the ASUSTOR remote to power on the NAS or wake it from System Sleep Mode (S3). This feature is ONLY for AS7/AS64/AS63/AS62/AS61/AS53/AS52/AS51/AS50/AS6/AS3/AS2 series.

Cosa c'è di nuovo in questa versione?

Ver. 1.0.0.r187

- Update for ADM 3.4.0.


- support ADM3.0
- suport VolumeUp, VolumeDown, and Mute remote keys


- Supports ADM 2.7
- Supports Xorg 10.14.7.R30