Automated event action rules
Surveillance Center 2.3’s new automated event action rules allow administrators to customize alarm handling rules. When an event occurs, the system can select different measures to handle the situation based on the type of event that occurred or the time the event occurred. These different measures include actively sending out email/SMS notifications to different groups, smartphone push notifications, activating multiple cameras to begin recording, assigning cameras to patrol a specific area or activating other external devices* providing automated and intelligent event handling.

*When an event occurs, event actions can notify other external devices via http commands (CGI/URL).

Simple and intuitive on-screen controls
A variety of real-time on-screen controls and functions on the Surveillance Center interface allow you to control PTZ camera movement, configure camera settings, start recordings and take snapshots of camera feeds. In addition to providing a smooth and intuitive control experience, the efficiency of operation is also significantly increased.
Role-based access control
Surveillance Center provides role based access control, allowing administrators to create roles for users according to their responsibilities, administrative tasks that they are able to execute, and the camera feed playback and administrative functions available to them. These roles can then be assigned to users based on their responsibilities and administrative tasks that they are able to execute, significantly increasing management convenience and flexibility.
Intelligent video analytics and search: foreign object detection
-->In addition to the existing motion detection function, Surveillance Center 2.3 also provides foreign object detection. Users can quickly search and detect if a foreign object has appeared in a specified area (for example, a bag, box, tire or person) in order to quickly and efficiently find the associated video recordings.