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Zappiti Server asustor NAS App

Zappiti Server


Zappiti Server vous permet de parcourir votre collection de films et séries TV sur votre appareil préféré.

Cette application est compatible avec Zappiti Media Center v4 pour Zappiti Player 4K, Windows et OSX.

Quoi de neuf dans cette version ?

Improvements of version 4.19.223 (bêta)


Server connection errors are more controlled.

Now, if the title of a film or series is too long in the synopsis, it scrolls.

If the name of an actor or director is too long in the synopsis, it is displayed on 2 lines.

5 volume levels are now available for audio tracks instead of 3. Their values ​​have been adjusted.

The audio tracks are now also played back in the search menu.

Fixes :

Restoration of server security to avoid version incompatibilities and display of "Collection broken" error message.

On the default theme, the synopsis was sometimes cropped on the right side.

The volume of audio tracks uploaded is now normalized.

Fixed a problem that blocked the playback launch on BDMV (Blu-ray folders) when the option "Always launch the Blu-ray menu" was activated.

The validation button on the editing window of the musical tracks is now always accessible whatever the display resolution of the screen or the display ratio the display window of the application Zappiti Video (PC or Mac).

When you manually identify a video, the technical information is now correctly retrieved

Zappiti Server asustor NAS App