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uTorrent asustor NAS App



There is no later version to update to.
uTorrent is a proprietary development (not open source) and therefore the only compiled Linux versions were provided by uTorrent in 2014. They have not updated these binaries since 2014.

Elegant, téléchargement efficace de torrent

Port par défaut: 6880

Utilisateur par défaut: admin

Mot de passe par défaut :

Port https: 6888


[Problèmes connus]

Non compatible avec Internet Explorer 11

Les changements apportés à `Put new donwloads in directory` ne sont pas enregistrés.

Les changements apportés à `Automatically load .torrents from` directory ne sont pas enregistrés, et cette option est désactivée au redémarrage.

Quoi de neuf dans cette version ?

V 20160201: create separate i386 and x86_64 app.

V 20140422: updated to utserver 3.3 build 30470. Now runs as admin in administrators group.

V 20140304: Fixed ssl connection over ssh tunnel.

V 20140115: Fixed port setting change on upgrade.

V 20140109: Fixed display of non-english characters.

Moved to new folder to ensure correct version is called.

V 20140104: Updated to uTserver v3.3

WebUI is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11

Changes to "Put new downloads in" directory are not saved.

Changes to "Automatically load .torrents from" directory are not saved, and this option is disabled on restart.

V 20131204: Now runs as admin using start-stop-daemon

V 20131127: Added chown of download direcotry on uninstall, and set umask 0 at run time.

V 20130917: Added https connection on port 6888 via nginx reverse proxy.

V 20130913: Updated to latest version of webui

V 20130913: Initial release. Please report any problems experienced.