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Q: How do I reset the password on my NAS?


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ASUSTOR provides a reset button recessed into a pinhole behind each and every NAS device sold. Insert a thin object, such as a paperclip extended into the hole and press the button for approximately five seconds to reset the administrator password(default password is admin), once its reset, there will be a beep sound come from the unit's beeper.

Results will be as below.

  • System admin account password will return to “admin”, the account name and its password are both admin
  • HTTP and HTTPS ports used to connect to ADM will return to 8000 and 8001 respectively.
  • Network settings will return to default settings and ASUSTOR Control Center will be able to find your NAS one the network.
  • ADM Defender will revert to accept all connections.

Data will not be affected and the NAS can continue to be used normally.

ASUSTOR College FAQs - Resetting Settings on your ASUSTOR NAS with the Reset Button - YouTube

If there is no beep sound or the password didn't reset, please submit a support ticket in our support center for further help:

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