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Q: How many simultaneous backup jobs do ASUSTOR NAS devices support?


The maximum number of simultaneous backup jobs supported depends on the hardware specifications of each ASUSTOR NAS model. Please refer to the table below:

Max. Number of Jobs



AS1002T, AS1004T, AS-202T, AS-202TE, AS-204T, AS-204TE, AS-302T, AS-304T, AS-204RS


AS3102T, AS3104T, AS5002T, AS5004T, AS5008T, AS5010T, AS5102T, AS5104T, AS5108T, AS5110, AS-602T, AS-604T, AS-606T, AS-608T, AS6102T, AS6104T, AS6202T, AS6204T, AS-604RS, AS-604RD, AS-609RS, AS-609RD


AS7004T, AS7008T, AS7010T, AS7009RD, AS7009RDX, AS7012RD, AS7012RDX

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