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Q: ASUSTOR Live important note and how to use


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ASUSTOR Live important note

1.Only available in x86-64 platform models
2.Recommend using model level above AS5202T and with 4GB RAM.
3.Only can be used for an outside network with WAN IP (Not supported in EZ connect )
4.If you want to use ASUSTOR Live with your GoPro or Drones, please make sure your device support custom RTMP.
GoPro supported in GoPro hero 7 and above models. Drones supported in DJI mavic pro with their software DJI GO 4.

DJI Go 4

Select Custom RTMP

Imput NAS RTMP address

5. Add custom rtmp server might have problem in platform Afreeca TV and Show room

6. If you use non-default admin account, you have to go to Videos shared folder to set up access right to read and write and applied to the subfolders.

College 131 -How to use ASUSTOR Live


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