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Q: What should I do if ADM initialization fails?


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If the NAS initialization process fails, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the error.

  • Clear the browser cache on your computer and initialize again.
  • Press and hold the NAS power button to force shutdown, boot up and initialize again.

*If you have upgraded memory, please remove the upgraded memory and install the default memory before booting.

  • Press and hold the NAS power button to force shutdown, replace the hard drive with a different one and initialize it again.To avoid compatibility problems, please use a compatible hard disk model for initialization.
*Use M.2 SSD for initialization, please use compatible SSD for initialization.

  • If the hard disk you are using has been previously used in other devices, there may be remnants of the file system used in the previous device, resulting in an initialization failure, which can be eliminated in the following ways.
a. Shut down the NAS.
b. Remove all hard disks.
c. Power on the NAS (Empty).
d. After booting, scan the NAS with ACC and you will see the status of the machine is not yet initialized, click on the word not yet initialized and use your browser to enter the NAS page, follow the instructions to directly insert the hard disk (hot plug, no need to shut down or reboot) for initialization.


If you still can't initialize successfully after the above steps, please contact us for further technical support.


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