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Download Center asustor NAS App

Download Center


Download Center is an excellent download manager allows you to easily download and save files to your NAS. Your NAS can effectively replace your computer in helping you with any download jobs. This provides you with data protection and energy saving benefits. Through its Web-based interface you can not only download files from the Internet through BitTorrent,HTTP and FTP but also use keywords to search for files that you wish to download. Download Center makes general downloading easier and faster.

What's new in this version?


Fixed issue " The seeds searched from LimeTorrents and TorrentDownload can't be downloaded"


- Fixed multilingual strings.


- Fixed an issue to display correct end time of the download.


Fixed issue " The seeds searched from LimeTorrents and TorrentDownload can't be downloaded"


Fixed issue " The download progress always 0% on AS10 series even there are files downloading."

Fixed issue" Long time downloading may cause unable to login ADM"

Fixed issue" The seeds searched by TorrentDownloads will stuck in processing after click add"

Fixed issue" The progress of downloading seeds displays different with the seeds detail information progress"

Fixed issue" Displaying end time still in Chinese after switching to other language"


- Fixed issue "Unable to obtain information for download URL". Now you can download torrent from torrent search engine.


- Update BT Torrent search engine

- Update API

- Fix issue "Unable to limit the HTTP/FTP download speed"

- Fix issue "After setting up the limitation of Torrent speed, the actually Torrent speed sometimes will exceed the limit."


- Fixed issue "File size is wrong"

- Fixed issue "Unable to change default download directory to new created folder"


- Fixed issue "Unable to set download directory"


- Fixed issue "User group can not open Download Center"

- Fixed issue "Title bar will disappear"


- Supports ADM 3.0 official