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Media-Pack asustor NAS App



The ASUSTOR media pack for additional media service support contains the following:

In ASUSTOR Portal:

- Includes VirtualBox drivers for sharing hardware resources between VirtualBox and NAS. You can refer to the college tutorial (NAS 249 - Virtual Machine Configuration with VirtualBox) if you want to configure and run virtual machines with VirtualBox.

- Includes CEC device drivers for USB HDMI CEC adapters (e.g. pulse eight).

In LooksGood:

- Supports TV tuners for Looksgood. Please refer to our TV tuner compatibility list (http://www.asustor.com/service/tv_stick?id=tv_stick&brand_id=&type_id=27).

What's new in this version?


- Update for ADM 3.4.0.


- Support for ADM 3.3.2 which included Linux kernel patch updated.

Version 3.1.0.r02

- Fixed the issue that failed to recognize WinTV-Solo HD.

Version 3.1.0.r01

- Support for ADM 3.1.
- Fixed the ADM fail to recognize USB TV tuner devices issue.

Known issue:
- WinTV-Solo HD USB TV Stick device cannot be recognized by system.

Note: May need to reboot the NAS to complete the update.