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TV Sticks

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Last Update: 2017-03-13
Brand Model Compatible Models
ASUS U3100MINI AS10/31/5/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
Contex DTV-01 AS10/AS-2/AS-3/31/50/51/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
DVBLogic DVBLogic Verified by user. Might not be 100% compatible.
Hauppauge WinTV soloHD AS31/32/50/51/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
PCTV 292e AS31/32/50/51/60/61/62/70 Series
PCTV 72e AS-2/AS-3/50/51/AS-6/61/62/70 Series
PCTV 73e AS10/AS-2/AS-3/31/32/50/51/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
PCTV 73e SE AS-2/AS-3/50/51/AS-6/AS61/62/70 Series
PCTV 74e AS-2/AS-3/50/51/AS-6/AS61/62/63/64/70 Series
PCTV 76e AS10/31/50/51/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
PCTV 79e    AS31/32/50/51/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
Upmost DVB193 AS50/51/AS61/62/70 Series
Brand Description
  • Model: U3100MINI
  • Compatible Models: AS10/31/5/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
  • Contex
  • Model: DTV-01
  • Compatible Models: AS10/AS-2/AS-3/31/50/51/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
  • DVBLogic
  • Model: DVBLogic
  • Compatible Models: Verified by user. Might not be 100% compatible.
  • Hauppauge
  • Model: WinTV soloHD
  • Compatible Models: AS31/32/50/51/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
  • PCTV
  • Model: 292e
  • Compatible Models: AS31/32/50/51/60/61/62/70 Series
  • PCTV
  • Model: 72e
  • Compatible Models: AS-2/AS-3/50/51/AS-6/61/62/70 Series
  • PCTV
  • Model: 73e
  • Compatible Models: AS10/AS-2/AS-3/31/32/50/51/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
  • PCTV
  • Model: 73e SE
  • Compatible Models: AS-2/AS-3/50/51/AS-6/AS61/62/70 Series
  • PCTV
  • Model: 74e
  • Compatible Models: AS-2/AS-3/50/51/AS-6/AS61/62/63/64/70 Series
  • PCTV
  • Model: 76e
  • Compatible Models: AS10/31/50/51/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
  • PCTV
  • Model: 79e
  • Compatible Models:    AS31/32/50/51/AS-6/61/62/63/64/70 Series
  • Upmost
  • Model: DVB193
  • Compatible Models: AS50/51/AS61/62/70 Series