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Q: What can I do if ADM update not work?

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If you are blocked by ADM upgrade process from ADM2.7 to newer version(as in attached screen shot).

Please check if you are using Google Chrome browser to proceed ADM upgrade.

If yes, please try to use another browser(for example Fire Fox) to see if its still having same issue.

Also, you can use AiMaster app in mobile device to proceed ADM upgrade.

If its still not able to proceed with the ADM upgrade, please try following steps to troubleshooting.
1. Reboot NAS and try again.
2. Go ADM-Storage Manager-Volume to check if the capacity usage is over 95%, if yes, please remove some data and try again.
3. Download the ADM image from our website and proceed manual upgrade to upload the image.
4. Power off the NAS, unplug all hard drives, power on the empty NAS(no hdd installed), find a spare hard drive to install and proceed ADM upgrade/system intialization to see if same problem occurred with another hard drive.
5. If the above steps are not working, please go to our support center to submit a support ticket.

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