Surveillance Center 2.5 Beta

Are You Ready to Experience The Surveillance Center 2.5 Beta?

All New Surveillance Plugin

All New Surveillance Plugin makes users can use Surveillance Center from the comfort of a familiar operating system via Microsoft Edge*, Internet Explorer*, Chrome*, FireFox or Safari. Surveillance Center not only provides real-time surveillance monitoring and playback of recordings for multiple camera channels, but also significantly decreases the resources needed to operate Surveillance Center providing you with an optimal and seamless experience.

More Flexible Recording Quotas

The Surveillance Center system can define recording storage quotas according to the storage space size or retention period. Additionally, different storage quotas can be configured according to different camera priorities allowing administrators to easily achieve effective recording using limited storage capacity.

Self-Defined Recording File Save Location

Surveillance Center provides a self-defined save location function for recording files. Users can configure the location according to their preferences for added flexibility and freedom.

All New Log In Screen

System administrators can customize the dedicated Surveillance Center login screen, allowing all users to directly log in to Surveillance Center via an individual login page for quick and convenient access.

Enhanced Local Display

ASUSTOR’s PC-less surveillance solution has been enhanced again. In addition to being able to view live camera feeds on your TV, you can also directly search and playback specific recording files via the timeline or calendar. What’s more, you can now hear live audio as well!

Simple and Intuitive Operation

Newly added variety of real-time onscreen controls to the playback page.

Cancel/enable synchronized playback mode
Screen snapshots
Enable sound/mute
Export videos
Enable IVA and search

Two-Way Communication

Built-in microphones and speakers allow cameras to provide two-way audio. In addition to monitoring the audio in a particular area, you can also make announcements and converse in real-time with people in the area surveilled by the camera.

  • Axis
  • Hikvision
  • Panasonic

Safety Enhanced Connection

The secure transfer of surveillance feeds is seen as a critical digital asset. Using a secure connection can ensure the privacy and security of surveillance feeds transmissions. ASUSTOR NAS supports HTTPS connections allowing users to log into the Surveillance Center and view surveillance feeds via encrypted connections no matter if they are using Microsoft Edge, Chrome or FireFox on Windows.

Supports Numerous New Camera Models

Surveillance Center 2.5 adds over 43 different compatible camera models from world renowned brands including AV-Tech, Canon, Dahua, D-Link, FaceID, INSTAR, Planet and VIVOTEK.

Are You Ready to Experience The Surveillance Center 2.5 Beta?