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About This App

DataSync for Microsoft OneDrive
  • Developer: ASUSTOR
  • Maintainer: ASUSTOR
  • Version: 1.0.1.r111
  • Category: Backup & Sync
  • Size: 1.39MB
  • Model: AS6, AS70, AS50, AS51, AS61, AS62, AS31, AS32
  • Last Update: 2016-12-08


OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service. This app can access your OneDrive account and synchronize the files to/from NAS.

Note: Currently, this app does not support OneDrive for Business.

What's new in this version?


Fixed "One drive might be stock on Update Remote File List when share folder can be accessed by others" issue


- Fixed "unable to login with Microsoft account" issue


- Fixed "the date information is not kept for uploaded files" issue