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About This App

Surveillance Center
  • Developer: ASUSTOR
  • Maintainer: ASUSTOR
  • Version:
  • Category: Security
  • Size: 221.18MB
  • Model: AS70
  • Last Update: 2017-03-29


Surveillance Center gives you the ability to collectively manage an array of IP cameras. Through its Web-based interface you can monitor live view feeds from all your cameras and play back previously recorded video. The notification system will alert you at once in the event of any disruptions, giving you the power to dynamically monitor your most valued assets. Surveillance Center provides a comprehensive solution for your most vital security needs. Surveillance Center supports all major well-known camera brands such as Axis, ACTi, ASUS, AVTECH, AirLive, Brickcom, Canon, Corega, Compro, Dahua, Digitus, D-Link, FaceID, INSTAR, LevelOne, Panasonic, PLANET, SONY, VIVOTEK, Y-Cam, ZAVIO, etc. For a detailed list of compatible models, please see

What's new in this version?

[What's New]
- Centralized Surveillance Software - CMS Lite (upto 128 channels)
- Unlimited Cold backup solution and mount recordings
- 360 Degree Fisheye Camera Image Dewarping
- Flexibly Power Online Cameras On and Off
- More Agile Searches of Recording Files
- Optimized Exportation of Recording Files (Can export to PC and NAS)
- Supported HTTPS connect on Mac Safari browser
- Max camera number has been increased to 64 (with 8GB Ram)

[New Camera Support]
- Axis: M3004, P1435-LE, A8004-VE, P1346.
- Airlive: SC-300W, MD_3025-IVS and BU-3026-IVS.
- ASUS: Aicam bullet
-Brickcom: VD-E400Af, OB-E400Af.
- Dahua:IPC-HFW4231E-S, IPC-HFW4231E-S, IPC-HDW4830EM-AS, IPC-HFW81230E-Z, IPC-HFW1220S, IPC-HDBW8630EP-ZH-S2, IPC-HFW5231E-Z, IPC-HFW1320S-W, IPC-HFW2221RN, IPC-HFW2120RP, IPC-HF5231E, DH-SD50230U-HN, DH-SD6AL240-HNI, IPC-EBW8600-IVC, IPC-EB5500(28), IPC-K15(29), IPC-HDBW4231C-AS, IPC-HF81230E, IPC-HDPW1420F-AS, DH-SD29204T-GN-W, IPC-HF8231FP-S2, TPC-PT8320-T, IPC-C35, DH-IPC-C35, and more...
- DLink: DCS-5030L (Supports MJPEG only), DCS-2530L, DCS-4603, DCS-960L, DCS-4701E,
- HikVision: DS-2CD6424FWD-C1, DS-2DE2402IW-D3, DS-2CD4A20F-IZ, DS-2CD2942F-I, and more...
- Instar: IN-3005, IN-3010, IN-4011, IN-5905HD, IN-6001HD, IN-6014HD and IN-7011HD.
- Panasonic: WV-SP508, WV-SPW631L, WV-SFN311, WV-SF138, WV-SF132, WV-ST162, WV-SW172, WV-SC385, WV-SPW311AL
- Vivotek: SF8174, FD8166A, FD8182-T, FE9381-EHV.
- Two-way audio support for Dahua