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SoundsGood is a Web music player that allows you to listen to all the music stored on your NAS via a Web browser. It supports browsing by artist, album or folder along with keyword searches to help you quickly find the music you want to listen to. The easy to use interface lets you effortlessly create playlists, creating a personalized listening experience. Additionally, SoundsGood supports ASUSTOR NAS's multimedia playback interface allowing you to connect speakers to the NAS via HDMI, USB or audio jack, turning SoundsGood into your local music player.

What's new in this version?


Fixed "when there are 2 media sources with the same root folder and one of them is deleted, the second media source will also disappear" issue

Ver. 2.0.0.r780

- Fixed "blank screen displayed after SoundsGood is done loading" issue

Ver. 2.0.0.r778

- Fixed" Could not detect files from USB external device on Media Source " Issue

- Fixed " Could not play damaged mp3 file successfully " Issue

Ver. 2.0.0.r772

-will hide "edit" and "remove" options on the playlists which are not owned by the specific user .

First release

- Fixed "random codes in ID3 tags due to customized codepage setting cannot be applied" issue

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