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vhangouts asustor NAS App



Google Hangouts is a communication platform developed by Google which includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features.
It replaces three messaging products that Google had implemented concurrently within its services

a) Support Web Camera:
1. Logitech C310
2. Microsoft webcam LF2000

b) How to configure the Camera, and microphone for Google Hangout in Chrome?
1. Open the chrome setting: http://chrome://settings
2. Enable 'Show advanced settings'
3. Click on 'Privacy'
4. Open the Content settings,
- choose the right Microphone setting:
If you plug the Logitech C310 or Microsoft webcam LF2000.
it should show USB xxx device.
- check Camera setting: if it is what camera you connected.

5. After you setup the connection with your partner,
you should check right/top side 'setting', then choose the right
Microphone again. ( you must choose it at first time!!!)

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