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SoundsGood asustor NAS App



SoundsGood is ASUSTOR’s in-house developed Web-based audio player that provides smart management, playback and sharing for the large music collections that ASUSTOR NAS users store on their devices.

The new functions for SoundsGood 2.0 are as follows:

- Uses a dedicated log in page. Users don’t have to open the App via ADM. The interface language can be configured from within the settings page.

- All new user interface optimizes usability and provides fuzzy searches of the music database.

- Smart sorting by album, artist, genre and folder.

- Quick play queue panel features sorting by categories such as “Recently Added”, “Recently Played”, “Most Played” and “Random 100”. Can also configure songs as Favorites, rate songs and create playlists.

- Menu bar can be hidden for a cleaner look.

- Song information is available at a glance and the order of the information displayed can be arranged by dragging the top of the respective columns.

- Supports importation of lyrics and display of scrolling lyrics.

- Displays indexing progress in real time when a new media source is added.

- Provides “Web browser playback mode” and “NAS local playback mode”. Switch between them at any time.

- Supports HDMI, USB/Bluetooth speakers, audio jack output, high resolution USB DAC output, and the ability to select multiple AirPlay network devices.

- Supports sharing of songs to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Plurk.

- Settings provides log with options to view online or export, allowing administrators to easily stay updated.

What's new in this version?

Ver. _2.1.0.r942
-Fixed random playback not working issue
-Fixed failed to add a song to Favorite issue

Ver. _2.1.0.r922
-Support new ffmpeg
-Fixed some tag revision issue
Ver. 2.1.0.r876

-Fixed issue "Unable to switch from local playback mode to stream mode"

Ver. 2.1.0.r863

- Miscellaneous issues fixed

Ver. 2.1.0.r859
- update API

Ver. 2.1.0.r854

- Remove AC3 audio format support.

Ver. 2.1.0.r830

- Fixed issue about SoundsGood didn't display any songs while using LDAP account login.

Ver. 2.1.0.r829

- Fixed issue "Some music will cause SoundsGood to crash"