Media Review


Simply Reviews, US 2016-04
"The AS6204T is offering a good range of storage features for a very modest price making it an affordable choice for SOHOs. Its N3150 CPU delivers on ASUSTOR’s performance promises, backup tools are plentiful and the next release of its ADM software adds even more to the melting pot.


  • Very good value
  • Speedy performer
  • Very quiet
  • Useful MyArchive feature

Hardware.Info, Netherlands 2016-04
"The ASUSTOR AS3104T NAS offers pretty good performance for 389 euros thanks to the dual-core Celeron processor and 2 GB of memory on board. The ADM environment is pleasant to work with and offers plenty of opportunities.

The HDMI connector is a nice extra, thus you can use the NAS combined with the KODI multimedia software. You can also have your TV with a full-fledged browser in the form of Chrome and you can use YouTube.

All in all we are certainly pleased with the capabilities and performance of the NAS. Hence we give it the Hardware.Info Excellent Choice Award. "

Profesional Review, Spain 2016-04
"The ASUSTOR AS3102T is a NAS for use in homes or small companies that meets all that can be asked: safety, reliability, power and is capable of playing multimedia content in Full HD and 4K thanks to its sixth generation Intel Celeron processor. The operating system is very fast and with KODI connected to the TV via HDMI, it becomes the perfect ally for any computer lover. Undoubtedly, the AS3102T is one of the best options available on the market today. It costs 275 euros in online stores.


  • Compact
  • Extremely nice design
  • Powerful
  • Media player with full HD and 4K resolution
  • Many applications in their App repository

XtremeHardware, Italy 2016-04
"The ASUSTOR AS3104T is powered by the excellent ADM 2.5, which is now a guarantee of quality, power and versatility.


  • Overall balanced performance
  • Hardware transcoding
  • USB 3.0 speed
  • HDMI port
  • Design and front panel
  • Aluminum interior
  • Complete software
  • Well-developed mobile applications
  • Power-saving
  • Silent

Vortez, UK 2016-04
"The AS1002T is stylish two-bay NAS which bears a multitude of features and thanks to its low price-tag, transforming that home network won’t cost the earth!"

Technieuws, Netherlands 2016-03
"The AS3102T is an excellent NAS focused on the multimedia user. Thus, the AS3102T NAS features many multimedia features and a fairly fast Intel processor."

HW Legend, Italy 2016-03
"ADM (ASUSTOR Data Master) with its latest 2.6 release (beta) fixes many bugs, incorporates the latest versions of the Linux kernel and GNU libraries thus making the work of developers of third-party apps much easier. Another function dedicated to the physical hot-swappable hard disks, MyArchive, has its operational capacity expanded and now supports various file systems. ASUSTOR also improved its multimedia experience by equipping the ASUSTOR Portal with the ability to play streaming full HD from major sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, etc. In synthetic tests the ASUSTOR AS6104T does not betray expectations, confirming the excellent suitability of the latest Intel platforms to deliver high processing power in all conditions, in both the RAID protocol and the working environment, thus leaving the user free to adopt any storage solution with virtually no limits. ASUSTOR Brava!


SvetHardsware, Czech 2016-03
"ASUSTOR's AS3102T is a modern and powerful NAS which is designed for two hard drives and offers decent performance with its Intel Braswell processor and also direct HDMI output. This will allow it to connect directly to your TV and use it as a multimedia center. 
  • Powerful Celeron processor, 3x USB 3.0 and HDMI
  • ADM operating system with dozens of applications
  • Fast transmissions over the local network

We Got Served, UK 2016-03
"The ASUSTOR AS6202T offers great performance in a solid chassis. If you are looking for a NAS that doubles as a lightweight Virtual Machine, or 4K UHD media player, the AS6202T is a great choice. "

Madshrimps, US 2016-03
"The 4-bay unit can also output video signal on HDMI and the server can be operated this way without the need of a PC in order to work with other media-center applications. If we do not have the server placed in a convenient area near the TV screen, we can always use the supplied ADM modules for working with multimedia content as SoundsGood, LooksGood or even Plex which is a multi-platform media center application. For browsing photos we do also have the Photo Gallery application. Regarding the server performance, we can clearly see improvements via the lower-specced model and when working with encrypted folders, the copy performance takes a bit of a hit.


NikkTech, US 2016-03
"With the new aggressive pricing the AS3102T is a very tempting and complete NAS server model for home and small office use and that’s why it gets our Golden Award.

  • Intel Celeron Dual-Core CPU
  • Very Good Performance
  • Features
  • Power Consumption
  • 3 USB 3.0 Ports
  • HDMI v1.4b Output
  • Single, JBOD & RAID 0/1 Modes - SATA III (6Gb/s)
  • ADM v2.6 Beta OS
  • Price (For Some)

APH Networks, Canada 2016-03
"The ASUSTOR AS3102T is a good looking and good performing consumer NAS that does 4K with one of the best operating systems in the market today."

MissingRemote, UK 2016-02
"As a NAS, the ASUSTOR AS5002T is competent, well featured, performant, and stable. But, the real value is the incredible flexibility that the platform provides from its rich application ecosystem and the underlying hardware. Where competitive solutions mostly do one thing well, and that is great, this $315/£185 device is a good NAS, a good HTPC, and it has the ability to host VMs (i.e. a virtualized DVR) – fantastic.


  • Feature rich
  • Relative streaming + transcoding performance
  • App catalog
  • LED control
  • Kodi (HTPC performance)
  • Stability
  • Upgradable RAM
  • Virtualization support

PPK, Czech 2016-02
"A home-use dual-drive NAS server, Asustor's AS3102T offers high performance and economical operation remotely via the Internet. WHY BUY: Server is energy efficient and provides plenty of useful features. We like the three-year warranty.


  • 3x USB 3.0
  • Energy saving mode
  • Controls in English
  • 4 free licenses for IP cameras

APC Magazine, Australia 2016-02
"AS3102T this two-bay AS could be your new media hub. This dual-bay NAS is a potent combination: versatile, affordable and high-performance."

ElektronikTest, Denmark 2016-02
"ASUStor's still quite new, but has come into the market at just the right time with their products. This NAS is one of the smallest models, which still seems to provide super good results, as evidenced by the test of network speeds. ASUStor ADM is constantly being updated, and I think that it seems to be the ones on the market that is soon to update and keep their app central updated all the time. It is clearly a very big plus, which draws much up. As always, I am very pleased with ADM, and have not really anything to complain about!


  • Test results that surprise
  • Small CPU but impressive performance
  • Design
  • ADM and Apps
", Denmark 2016-02
"AS3102T has a good software package with a good user interface, a multitude of programs and good performance."

Tweak, Denmark 2016-02
"The setup and installation of the server and the OS couldn't be easier and therefore I will send ASUSTOR out of the door with a score of 9 out of 10.


  • Nice design
  • High quality feeling
  • Very easy setup
  • User friendly OS, which can be setup for preferred language
  • Thumb screws for HDD's are a nice move

AVForums, UK 2016-02
"AS6102T gets recommended award from AVForums"

BlogNT, France 2016-02
"Small but solid, and perfect for home. The AS3102T is an affordable NAS with a good price-performance ratio, and it uses components of high quality."

sky-Future, France 2016-02
"The AS1002T is a nas of entry level that handles very well on multitasking.

With its brand-new design we quickly notice the start button is located at the back and the racks of hard disks are removed. If you are looking for a nas with a limited budget, this one is for you!"

HW Legend, Italy 2016-02
"The new AS3102T NAS is a 2-bay network storage, created for the digital home. The AS3102T represents an ideal solution for users who make intensive use of multimedia content across multiple devices. Also playing videos with Kodi is of great visual impact, thanks to more fluid and linear scenes. The NAS ASUSTOR AS3102T is proving an excellent product, recording performance in their class without suffering the slightest slowing down during the operation, a sure sign of stability and maturity of the ADM operating system. Tests have shown elevated values, with peaks of about 110 MB / s. whereas the HDD connected via USB 3.0 are given as maximum speed sequential read values of about 145 MB / s. We can therefore only consider ourselves fully satisfied with the performance in RAID 1 we have obtained.


  • Refined and elegant exterior design 
  • Robust case of excellent quality
  • Excellent internal layout and quality construction
  • Components of brilliant quality;
  • Great number of available and installed functions;
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Ultra-quiet; Low operating temperatures
  • Good media management
  • Stable and intuitive operating system ADM

Actualidad Hardware, Spain 2016-02
"In the end of the review of ASUSTOR AS1002T we can tell you that we have been pleased with the performance offered by it in our tests. For NASes, we can catalog AS1002T as entry-level model of ASUSTOR that offers good performance and elegant design. It has some interesting features and specifications with its Marvell ARMADA-385 1 GHz dual-core processor integrated with encryption engine hardware, 512MB RAM (not expandable), 2 HDD bays for 3.5 "drives SATA II / III with a maximum capacity of 16TB (2*8TB HDD), 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 Gigabit Ethernet jack. Among all the other NASes, all of these make it a Nas especially recommended for our home or small office. If we need to maintain our important files safe, security is offered by powerful and performative software. In the tests, the AS1002T has performed well in all of them showing a good performance. In conclusion, we can say that after analyzing the ASUSTOR AS1002T we have a NAS input range that has a good performance and powerful software such as ADM of ASUSTOR."

TweakTown, US 2016-01
"Overall, the ASUSTOR AS6202T is a solid NAS appliance and quite possibly the quickest two-bay appliance we have tested which makes sense as this unit appears to share the same configuration with its four-bay counterpart. The level of features you get with this appliance is top notch and with this unit carrying an MSRP of $569.99 with a three-year warranty, it's quite competitive in the market as well."

Technieuws, Netherlands 2016-01
"The ASUSTOR AS1002T is a very good NAS for the entry-level category. The hardware is fine and the speed is very good. Especially for a sum of 200 euros, the NAS is interesting."

PCDIY, Taiwan 2016-01
"ASUSTOR Receives 2015 PCDIY Prosumer's Choice Award for Best NAS Brand"

PlugnGeek, Canada 2016-01
"Its interface is very easy to access and operate without specialized knowledge. The fact that it is almost completely silent allows the NAS to fit in as much in a conference room as in the midst of a living room. It is quickly forgotten. Asustor therefore has been able to offer a beautiful multimedia product, very complete and already mature enough to be compared to the greats in the market.


The pros:

  • A 3-year warranty on the entire range
  • Ultra quiet
  • Very complete Simple interface to master
  • A true Swiss army knife

PC Comparatif, France 2016-01
"With the AS3104T, ASUSTOR offers a great NAS with high performance, a lightweight and responsive operating system in ADM, lots of features, ultra quiet operation, and a nice TV interface that allows you to enjoy all your multimedia content no matter if they are HD or 4K without any lag or overheating. The AS3104T is available for about € 370 with a 3 year warranty."


APC Magazine, Australia 2015-12
"AS5002T: Meaty two-bay NAS for home or office. Out of the box, the performance is pretty impressive, with the possible exception of its 4K read performance; however, the 4K write performance is strong in both RAID0 and RAID1."

eTeknix, UK 2015-12
"The ASUSTOR AS1002T is a powerful entry level NAS that comes with a low power consumption, all basic features, a good performance, and a fair price."

Hardware Heaven, UK 2015-12
"Setup is super simple, unscrew the thumb screws on the back slot in the drive(s) and screw them in (no tools required). Close it up, connect and power on. Within a few minutes we are up and running with the latest OS. We had no setup issues and all of the drives and devices we tried worked without problem too. Asustor do list compatible devices where appropriate so that will keep consumers right and from there we can configure the NAS however we want. Performance is also a highlight of he AS1002T, from the 100MB/s + drive performance to USB peaking over that level too. Standard OS use is responsive and we noted no significant lag when the NAS was performing tasks such as app updates in the background.

So given all of the above, it should come as no surprise that with an RRP of £160/$199 and the performance and functionality listed above that the AS1002T wins our value award."

Cowcotland, France 2015-12
"ASUSTOR always keeps its lead over the competition by offering more possibilities for multimedia connectivity. Similarly, the three-year warranty is quite comforting. Overall, the AS6102T is a good storage system."

TechDay, New Zealands 2015-12
"It's quiet, easy to use and provides everything you would expect from a NAS drive. This is one to consider if you're planning on setting up a home network server, accessible from the cloud and all your mobile devices."

59Hardware, France 2015-12
"With the AS1004T, ASUSTOR has placed itself directly among the great names of network storage through an economical and quality product.

Choosing a Marvell processor provides sufficient performance while the number of add-on applications available via "App Central" is very impressive. App categories include web publications and blog platforms, development tools and multimedia applications.

Mobile users will be won over by the cloud tools used to access data from anywhere through Internet. The DR. ASUSTOR feature is capable of ensuring the proper functioning of the NAS while identifying any errors. A much more intuitive and convenient system than ancient notification systems.


  • Rich functionality
  • Management interface
  • 3 year warranty

We Got Served, UK 2015-12
"At $289, the ASUSTOR AS1004 is probably the least expensive four-bay NAS that I’ve reviewed and it offers a significant bang for the buck. Wind back the clock a couple of years and a NAS product at this price point would have been a cheap and nasty two-bay device with terrible performance and ropey build quality. The ASUSTOR AS1004T is none of these things. With huge storage capacity, a decent suite of features and in ADM, an operating system that’s easy to manage, the AS1004T is a fabulous entry-level NAS that’ll serve the family well."

Techpowerup, US 2015-12
"A good-looking, budget-centric NAS from Asustor, the AS3102T packs a fresh Intel Braswell CPU that allows it to handle up to 4K content playback and provides it with good network-transfer speeds with encrypted files. This NAS's strong point is its ability to playback 4K content properly. To conclude, the AS3102T is an affordable NAS with a nice performance-per-dollar ratio, and it uses quality components, including a good power adapter by Delta Electronics.


  • Affordable price
  • Good performance with both open and encrypted file transfers
  • Low power consumption
  • Silent operation
  • Hardware-transcoding engine
  • 4K multimedia playback support
  • HDMI 1.4b port
  • Folder-based encryption (but no option for volume encryption)
  • USB 3.0 support (and front USB 3.0 port)
  • Four camera licenses for free
  • Easily set up and richly featured surveillance application
  • LooksGood and SoundsGood applications add a ton of multimedia capability
  • Night mode for LED indicators
  • Infrared receiver
  • 3 year warranty

HW Legend, Italy 2015-12
"ASUSTOR's AS1002T is phenomenal! It has class-leading performance without suffering the slightest slowdown during operation, a sure sign of maturity and stability of the ADM operating system. Tests have shown elevated values, with peaks of approximately 110 MB / s. Whereas the HDD connected via USB 3.0 are given as maximum speed sequential read values ​​of about 145 MB / s.


  • Sophisticated and elegant exterior design
  • Robust case of excellent quality
  • Excellent internal layout and build quality
  • Excellent quality of the components
  • High number of functions available and installed
  • Excellent overall performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Extreme quietness
  • Low operating temperatures
  • ADM firmware 2.5 stable and intuitive interface
  • Versatility and strength demonstrated in the use

Legion Hardware, Australia 2015-12
"Overall the ASUSTOR AS3104T can’t be beaten on value and is clearly the best budget multimedia focused NAS on the market right now. Having spent the past few weeks playing around with the AS3104T we have no real complaints, upgradable memory would have been nice but it certainly isn’t a deal breaker."

Cachem, France 2015-12
"The ASUSTOR AS3102T NAS has a really nice design and is easily inserted into a living room or office. Although the frequency of its processor might surprise, it is nevertheless well suited for NAS + media player usage. The promise of H.265 decoding leaves a good future to this product."

PC Professionale, Italy 2015-11
"ASUSTOR offers a very good overall product, both in terms of construction and performance. The hardware used is perfect for multimedia (and here Intel has done a great job) and represents the ultimate in the home NAS.


  • Excellent performance
  • Multimedia
  • Software bundle

Comptoir-Hardware, France 2015-11
"We're done with evaluating the AS1004T from ASUSTOR. This small NAS is pretty nice, very simple to implement and great for general public use. We saw in our tests, the AS1004T provides performance at a high level. The flow rates are sufficient for use and are a notch above competitors in the segment. RAID 1 is more balanced on this model, while data encryption remains laborious, but more effective here. We appreciate the low consumption of this model, as well as more than moderate noise during heavy loads. The AS1004T is ultra quiet thanks to a well-staged control. The fan is not operated unnecessarily and that's good for our ears."

Madshrimps, US 2015-11
"Regarding the system performance, we were quite impressed by the read/write speeds in normal use. The product is running the latest ADM 2.5.1 version, which is really a breeze to use and the initial setup procedure can be also ran from mobile devices, thanks to the AiMaster application.

While the more expensive ASUSTOR NAS units which support HDMI can run PopcornTime for watching the latest TV Shows and Movies in a very simple manner, the AS1004T model can handle multimedia content playback via LooksGood and Plex applications which are a breeze to install and use."

Redeszone, Spain 2015-11
"Performance and stability for this NAS server has been excellent during the two weeks of testing.

The ADM 2.5 operating system has gone from being a complete unknown to us (we had never tried an ASUSTOR NAS before) to be our favorite NAS operating system. The menus are quick, intuitive and very elegant in design. Users also have the freedom to extend the default functionality of the system by installing additional software services. This additional software is installed from the App Central application. We just have to click on "Install" to start the process and it is really easy and simple. This ASUSTOR AS6202T is currently the fastest and most complete NAS we've tested to date. Taking into account the technical characteristics, the performance achieved and the price of equipment, the final assessment from RedesZone is: a 10/10 score with the highest recommendation."

MaximumPC, US 2015-11
"Ultimately, it's the ASUSTOR AS5002T that gets our vote. It's a powerful NAS, and although ASUSTOR markets it as a home/power user two-bay device, it would equally served as the storage backbone in a small office without any problems. this is especially true as the memory can be upgraded to help keep up with the demands of a growing office. The ASUSTOR Data master OS is just superb, easy to use, and navigate, and its heavy use of icons makes it pleasing on the eye. The fact that it has an HDMI port so it can connect to a TV and , by using home theater software, be turned into a fully functioning 1080p media center is another string to an already impressive bow. With the support of a huge store of downloadale apps behind it, the great thing about the AS5002T is that it can be tuned and customized to fit anyone's personal needs, and that's what makes it a great all-rounder.

Meaty: Performance, feature set and ADM OS."

Hardware.Info, Netherlands 2015-11
"With the AS1002T, ASUSTOR releases a very interesting NAS with great potential and an excellent level of performance. It is the first model released by the brand that moves into a lower price segment. You can see that mainly reflected in the price tag of around 200 euros. For us, the AS1002T is an excellent choice and definitely worth it if you are looking for a new network storage device. A NAS to consider for sure! In our view it is sufficient to distinguish this NAS with an Excellent Choice Award."

3Dgameman, Canada 2015-11
"The ASUSTOR AS1002T NAS is designed to be your cloud storage solution with many mobile apps to make connectivity a snap. It's an affordable, compact and very elegant looking NAS. It can accommodate two 8TB drives, has two USB3 ports, a Gigabit LAN port and much more."

AnandTech, US 2015-11
"The AS6204T also comes with a HDMI 1.4b port and bundled media playing apps. The NAS can also be used as a media player for 4K videos with support for multi-channel audio over SPDIF as well as HDMI. The presence of AES-NI enables powerful encryption capabilities at a reasonable price point. The unit ships with 4GB of RAM, but users can upgrade easily to 8GB (the unit has two SO-DIMM slots). This could be important if a lot of apps end up running on the NAS simultaneously. Unlike competitors who provide a 2-year warranty for this class of products, Asustor advertises a 3-year warranty for the AS6204T. Coming to the business end of the review, Asustor's top-end Braswell NAS is power efficient, extensible and performs in an acceptable manner. There is obviously scope for improvement on the software side - both in terms of performance as well as feature set. However, having observed the evolution of ADM over the last couple of years and the commitment shown by Asustor, I can say that they are on the right track."

APH Networks, Canada 2015-11
"The ASUSTOR AS1002T is a great looking NAS that delivers class leading performance, with one of the best operating systems in the market today, for only $180 at press time. Its feature set is competitive for the price, with its performance and operating system easily one of, if not the best, in its class. If you do not own a NAS right now, ASUSTOR's latest value entry may be your gateway drug. After all, you have to be a user of a good NAS to understand one. The ASUSTOR AS1002T is a good NAS."

Legion Hardware, Australia 2015-11
"The ASUSTOR AS6202T performed exceptionally well in most of our tests and quickly proved that it can hang with Synology’s latest flagship 2-bay NAS, the DS715. The AS6202T has the added benefit of HDMI support @ 4K making it a viable alternative to a HTPC. At its heart the Braswell N3150 quad-core SoC not only affords the AS6202T features such as hardware transcoding and hardware encryption, but it also has more than enough power to serve up files to multiple clients. Overall the ASUSTOR AS6202T is an extremely capable NAS that packs loads of features and plenty of performance."

59Hardware, France 2015-10
"By offering the AS6204T, Asustor offers a complete and versatile NAS for small businesses. This new feature-rich model relies on tools that have been proven for quite a few generations of devices.

The hardware data encryption and multimedia content management with 4K videos are positivies that we had previously discovered during the AS7004T testing a few months ago.

The AS6204T will stand out above all based on two points. Its N3150 Braswell quad-core Intel Celeron processor is among the privileged few to benefit from the 14nm engraving. It has sufficient computing power for the NAS to provide good responsiveness. The second point concerns the possibilities of extending the DDR3 Dual-Channel memory by slots on the back of the motherboard."

NikkTech, US 2015-10
"The AS6204T NAS Server by ASUSTOR is a solid solution for people who want a powerful yet silent model with 4K playback capabilities (and then some) and a plethora of features which is why we’re giving it our Platinum Award


  • Build Quality
  • First To Use The New Intel Celeron N3150 Advanced Quad-Core CPU
  • Cherryview Intel HD Graphics GPU
  • Excellent Performance
  • Features
  • 4GB DDR3L RAM (Expandable To 8GB)
  • Power Consumption / Noise Levels / Temperatures
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 3 USB 3.0 Ports & 2 USB 2.0 Ports
  • 2 eSATA Ports
  • Optical S/PDIF Output
  • HDMI v1.4b Output
  • LCD Screen
  • RAID 0/1/5/6/10
  • SATA III (6Gb/s)
  • ADM 2.5 OS

Bjorn3D, US 2015-10
"With a retail price right around $580 USD, this NAS does seem to be a bit pricey. But you must consider that outside of the traditional NAS duties, which the AS6202T handles quite well, this device can also function in many other aspects. The included HDMI output allows this NAS to become a media player with access to not just the data stored on the unit, but to online content as well. The multiple peripheral connections allow for printer sharing, and external storage connections. Add in all of the available applications in ADM, and you can really get your money’s worth out of the AS6202T. We can envision this unit serving multiple roles in a modern home environment. It serves up data and backs it up to the cloud automatically, it connects to the 60″ TV for movie night, it streams music and movies to the kids’ tablets, and it even provides home surveillance recording to keep things in check around the house. Toss in a 3-year warranty, and ASUSTOR is really pushing to get the AS61 and AS62 models into your home. After adding up all of the available features of the ASUSTOR AS6202T, we can really appreciate the value of this device.


  • Intel Braswell N3150 CPU is powerful, yet efficient
  • ADM 2.5 is a very polished user interface
  • Large selection of optional applications
  • Low power use, and low noise output
  • 3-year warranty

Tom's Hardware, US 2015-10
"The AS5108T is recommended for its high capacity and high speed data transfers for power users or small business."

IT-Connect, France 2015-10
"A new design that brings freshness to ASUSTOR NAS. Installation does not require any tools. It offers a good price to performance ratio and a great 3 year warranty along with an operating system that continues to grow.This newly designed NAS will find a place in your living room, and is great for the storage of your data and content delivery over your network."

Sebastien Toursel, France 2015-10
"Note that with this model, ASUSTOR provides 4 camera licenses free for those who want to do video surveillance, it will be enough for a vast majority of users.

Performance: Overall, I'm not disappointed, it is often close to the maximum of bandwidth."

Extra PC, Czech 2015-10
"This is a fully sufficient dual-drive solution for domestic purposes. It offers data security and also serves as a media center with your TV.


  • High transmission speed
  • Web interface
  • Multimedia centre
  • Easy disc replacement
  • Wide possibilities of configuration

Clubic, France 2015-10
"ASUSTOR AS-1002T: an entry-level NAS that meets high demands

The quality of the ASUSTOR software interface and quality design presented a relatively large investment until now. The AS1002T and its cousin, the 4-bay AS1004T arrive just in time to offer an entry-level NAS product that meets high demands. Of course, performance is clearly down when compared to the AS-6204T that we tested, with the audio/video connection ports not included on the device. But the AS-1002T has retained most of the assets of the top models including comprehensive features and accessibility, which should meet the needs of most users without killing their budget."

Guru3D, US 2015-10

ASUSTOR is on full frontal attack in terms of price and performance, the AS1002T is simply a terrific product that easily outclasses any NAS in this price range. The performance is extremely good for a processor of this class. Combined with the ADM software suite and applications this low power unit will be a terrific choice for a home server.

The ASUSTOR AS1002T (or four HDD capable AS1004T) with the new updated software definitely is one of the most versatile NAS units we have tested.

The ASUSTOR AS1002T is easily if not the best performing NAS in this price range with all whistles and bells available. It offers more than plenty features for the consumer side of the market with excellent performance and extensive software suite that you may expect from a NAS unit anno 2015. Seriously, 199 EURO covered with a three year warranty ... that's worthy of our hard to earned Storage Sweetness award.


ChannelLife, New Zealand 2015-10
"We loved our time with this Asustor NAS Drive, it was easy to setup, the mobile device apps are awesome and with hundreds of apps to download to it, there is almost nothing it can’t do. "

ExtraPC, Czech 2015-10
"AS5104T - NAS, HTPC and server in one package The AS5104T can serve as comprehensive home HD player through the HDMI output, and the installed environment KODI. The Web interface is a cloud-based system that everyone understands. This NAS is not just under the table, but can be seen on your television.


  • High transmission speeds
  • Web interface in English
  • Multimedia center
  • Easy replacement disks
  • Extensive configuration options

Počítač Pro Každého, Czech 2015-10
"A comprehensive solution for storing large volumes of data within your home network or office is a NAS server. Asustor's AS1002T is a NAS that is simple and cheaper, but offers solid performance.


  • Good price to performance ratio
  • Czech user interface
  • Quiet operation
  • Elegant design
  • Hardware encryption.

DigitalReviews, Australia 2015-10
"It is ideally suited for the home environment especially with the inclusion of the optional remote control (which is a first in any of the NAS units that we have reviewed). At the same time if you run a small to medium business this particular model would be ideally suited for most if not all of your needs. Highly recommended."

HW Legend, Italy 2015-10
"In our review we had the pleasure of being able to test and observe closely a truly remarkable unit, the ASUSTOR AS6204T, created for advanced home users and SMEs. This product bases its foundation on the new Intel Braswell platform with a quad-core SoC Celeron N3150 which proved very powerful and at the same time extremely frugal. An allocation of memory to 4GB, also helps to give the NAS Server a smooth operation unparalleled even when we have several applications open and engaged in processing."

Clubic, France 2015-10
"This is a remarkably complete model, with an exemplary finish, which enjoys a monitoring software. Do not spoil the recorded performance of the highest order and AS-6204T is equipped with an HDMI output that can support an optional remote control.

  • Impeccable finish, 3 years warranty
  • Leading Performance
  • HDMI and S/PDIF output
  • Clean and accurate interface

Komputer for Alle, Denmark 2015-09
"Packed with Features: ASUSTOR's AS5002T is a well designed, rock solid NAS.

When diving down a bit in the features, there are so many possibilities that it almost becomes too much of a good thing. You can, for example, control the brightness of the LED light on the front of the box."

Peltier-Net, France 2015-09
"Conclusions: In short you will understand, I am a fan of this little jewel of technology! It really is a quality product, silent, powerful and packed with features. In addition, there are regular updates (Interface, functions, packages)."

TweakTown, US 2015-09
"ASUSTOR's AS5004T is a solid NAS solution with a good amount of features for the standard consumer. Adding to that is its strong price point, making it one of the best bang for your buck four bay appliances with media features on the market today."

OverclockZone, Thailand 2015-08
"Multimedia applications allow ASUSTOR's AS5002T to meet users' digital entertainment requirements. The device offers high quality audio and video. Although it only has 2-bays the e-SATA and USB 3.0 ports provide expansion possibilities."

HardwareLUXX, Germany 2015-08
"All in all, the ASUSTOR AS7004T is a compelling high-end NAS, which responds with its high performance. It is targeted at primarily power and SOHO users who require high performance even when many users simultaneously access the device."

The Register, UK 2015-08
"what we have here is a well-featured NAS for home use that's powerful enough to cope with the demands of the larger small office."

GadgetGear, Netherlands 2015-08
"A rugged housing and expanded capabilities feature in the ASUSTOR AS5004T NAS. The addition of HDMI and a remote control make it ideal for the living room while it can be deployed in a business situation as a complete desktop PC."

Winmag Pro, Netherlands 2015-08
"We are not really surprised by the support for cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive but also HiDrive and Amazon S3 are supported for enough backup capabilities. Use the AS7010T as a media center. Through the ASUSTOR Portal application you will get access to a handful of applications like XBMC (Xbox Media Center), YouTube, Google Chrome, Boxee and more. Then you can present it in 4K resolution to a TV or monitor via the HDMI port, which is pretty impressive for a NAS.

ASUSTOR's AS-304T is a highly competitive and comprehensive NAS which offers alot of value for the money. The media player functionality is a welcome addition."

Net Audio, Japan 2015-07
"ASUSTOR NAS can be connected to a USB DAC without worrying about the capacity of the sound source to listen to DSD11.2 MHz.", Norway 2015-07
"A very good NAS, but we would rather have gone for its big brother with four disk bays.

  • Good performance
  • HDMI output
  • Digital Audio Output
  • Expandable RAM
  • Quiet fan
  • Can serve as media center
  • Good support for peripherals
  • Ambulatory operating system

JusteGeek, France 2015-07
"IP cameras have become very affordable. If you have a single camera you can simply use its Web interfae to manage it. But as soon as you install more cameras this immediately becomes inconvenient. ASUSTOR NAS offers a read to use solution in Surveillance Center than allows you to easily manage multiple IP cameras. Why do we prefer ASUSTOR? Simply because ASUSTOR provides 4 free camera channel licenses while the competition usually only offers 1 or 2."

OCStation, Thailand 2015-07

  • The ADM OS has an easy to use Apps that can be installed easily. They are easy to update to the latest version and the built-in FTP client is great.
  • The unit is well-made and has premium feel.
  • Silent fan
  • Dual LAN for Link Aggregation so you do not need to use a managed switch.

CDRinfo, Poland 2015-07
"The AS5102T is a great server with huge potential. Its greatest advantage is the huge amount of additional applications available in App Central, which is growing with each passing month.


  • HDMI ports and S/PDIF
  • High quality workmanship
  • A large selection of additional applications
  • Support for up to 8GB RAM
  • The ability to encrypt individual shared folders

APC Magazine, Australia 2015-07
"AS5004T: A NAS with the media centric features you need. Verdict: High end features for a surprisingly affordable price tag."

CowcotLand, France 2015-07
"If you like the style of ASUSTOR applications and you are looking for a product that stores data and also provides the possibility of a media player, go for the AS-5004T. A gold Cowcot!


  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Finish
  • Applications

Computer Totaal, Netherlands 2015-07
"There is ample choice of standard application and functionality, combined with the wide range of Apps that include too many for all to be mentioned here. Downloaders and media enthusiasts will have plenty of choice. There are also various sync and cloud options. Installing ASUSTOR Portal will give you have direct access to things like Kodi , Chrome, Spotify and more via the HDMI interface. The HDMI output can also be used to configure the NAS when you have no network connection. Connect a mouse, keyboard and monitor, and you can out of the box directly configure the NAS. One improvement is the number and quality of the mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.


  • Powerful
  • Many possibilities
  • Also a media player

HWLegend, Italy 2015-07
"ASUSTOR's AS5102T has impressed with its performance in all conditions. The quad-core Intel Celeron processor J1900, with the LAN subsystem, delivered excellent performance in handling media streams for reading and writing.

This NAS Server, along with an operating system that is constantly expanding its functions, performance and stability, is a very good choice and recommended to the segment of advanced home users or those small offices who want a handsome, solid NAS to take home without having to empty your pockets.

Tests show that the unit is able to move easily with high performance in every area saturating many scenarios in the single band Gigabit LAN. We feel extremely satisfied by the performance of ASUSTOR's AS5102T!"

CHIP, Germany 2015-07
"Conclusion: The ASUSTOR AS5002T brings strong performance and very good hardware - five USB ports (2 x USB 2.0, 3 x USB-3.0), HDMI, and Gigabit LAN provide a lot of flexibility.

  • Premier hardware
  • High data throughput
  • Numerous networking features

Tweak, Denmark 2015-07
"ASUSTOR offers a great product as usual, and the AS-5004T is everything you could want at home from a NAS server. If you are looking for a gathering point for all of your family's data or a dedicated media center, this is the server for you. Because of the many safety functions in this server it would do just as fine in a smaller office. Everything is great with this server."

ByTheWay, Greece 2015-07
"AS5002T has a great interface and a stable software. It has several and useful applications, supports Web interface and Windows, iOS, and Linux. Also supports applications for Smartphones. In short, if you are looking for a NAS with an attractive , durable and scalable design the AS5002T is one of the best options you can find. It offers 3 years warranty."

Next Hardware, Italy 2015-07
"The strength of this NAS is undoubtedly the price. For € 539 we can take it home or use it in the office. It is a device with multifaceted capabilities that continues to expand thanks to ADM, App Central which is full of applications and dedicated mobile apps.

In light of what we have seen and by virtue of the three-year warranty offer, we assign the ASUSTOR AS5104T our highest award and the title of recommended purchase.


  • Impressive versatility
  • Excellent connectivity (USB 3.0 and HDMI)
  • Excellent performance
  • Very low noise
  • Price

Techpowerup, US 2015-07
"All in all, the AS5102T is a very good product. It offers many features and is the right choice if you are intent on installing more than one IP camera in your home because it comes with four camera licenses for free where all other offers in its category only come with one. ASUSTOR also supports this product with a three-year warranty where the competition only offers two.


  • Good overall performance, efficiency and silent operation
  • RAM can be expanded to 8 GB
  • Lots of I/O ports, including three USB 3.0 ports (with 1 in the front)
  • Disk tray locks and IR receiver
  • Folder-based encryption
  • HDMI and S/PDIF ports (HD-audio support)
  • Rich in apps, App Central
  • Easily set up and richly featured surveillance application with four camera licenses for free
  • Night mode for LED indicators
  • 3-year warranty

ManuReviews, Spain 2015-07
"When quality, good price and excellent performance come together, it creates a great product such as this. We find that the variety of downloadable apps make this product a marvel. For this and much more, we have no choice but to give it our most precious award."

Madshrimps, Belgium 2015-07
"AS5102T 2-bay NAS from ASUSTOR is undoubtedly the AS5104T little brother and while it loses the LCD display and two extra bays, most of the other features are included like the solid chassis, the Intel Celeron J1900 CPU, upgradeable memory feature from the included 2GB (up to 8GB), lockable trays with the help of a screwdriver or plenty of expansion ports. The metallic chassis is also present here for extended durability, while the drives and motherboard are cooled by a single silent 70mm fan. Thanks to the included HDMI port, the product can be used without a PC by simply using the ASUSTOR remote or a keyboard/mouse combo which can be plugged via USB."

ElektronikTest, Denmark 2015-07
"ASUSTOR AS-5104T - A powerful, fast and versatile NAS server.

If you are a heavy media streamer, and need to take advantage of regular transcoding (streaming media to smartphones or tablets, for example), then I would definitely recommend AS-5104T of AS-5004T, especially when offline transcoding support is available on the ADM platform.

For everyday users seeking a powerful NAS server with high storage capacity, the cheaper AS-5004T could do the work for you. But it is clear that, whatever the NAS you choose, ASUSTOR 50 and 51 Series models provide some great solutions and are equally adept at serving business or prosumer needs. "

IT-Connect, France 2015-07
"ADM is always pleasant to use, and continues to grow by incorporating new features listed above (and other improvements). The ASUSTOR AS-202TE has serious assets to bring to the general public. We found this 2-bay NAS for 250 € on LDLC, making it a quality choice. Frankly at this price, 3 year warranty and with the added bonus of HDMI, it is a great buy."

Fredzone, France 2015-06
"The AS5102T accumulates a lot of good points. It is pleasant to look at, it is extremely fast and it has a rich variety connection ports. But its greatest strength, ultimately, is its extreme flexibility. It will have no trouble finding a place in your home or even your office."

Sky-Future, France 2015-06
"If you want a NAS combining security and safety of a RAID with the capacity for a multimedia station, one of these NAS is for you.

If you want a NAS to play movies and series, it is best to choose the AS-302T if you think reading from different devices (smartphone, tablet, PC) because it can transcode videos for the adapt to the bandwidth available, otherwise the AS-202T is fine to start."

Computing On Demand, US 2015-06
"ASUSTOR has created an affordable (around $700USD) NAS that competes with NAS devices costing nearly twice as much. Having performed near the top in almost all of our benchmarks, the AS5008T is a speedster wearing racing stripes."

Actualidad Hardware, Spain 2015-06
"ASUSTOR's AS5002T has some interesting features and great performance. Its powerful ADM operating system takes full advantage of the NAS hardware. It has plenty to offer both corporate and home users and is a device in which you can store your data safely while enjoying multimedia applications for the whole family. It features a great design with aluminum housing and solid assembly and also has excellent operating tempuratures with a very quiet fan that makes it perfect for 24/7 operation.


  • Good Performance and Operating System (ADM)
  • HDMI, S/PDIF, USB 3.0, eSATA and support for SSD
  • Designed with aluminum housing

Andrews Reviews, UK 2015-06
"The AS5102T is a brilliant NAS that is more than suitable for a home user or business. The NAS is more than capable and works great as a media centre if you connect it to a TV with HDMI. The extra power that is provided with the quad core CPU and the memory really makes a difference to the speed of how the NAS performs."

InfoKomputer, Indonesia 2015-06
"The ASUSTOR AS5002T this is not just storage for all of your data, but can also be used as a complete entertainment center.

Pros: Fast Performance using SATA 6Gbps, USB3.0, good interface, good security system features, HDMI and SPDIF, and many applications for multimedia use."

Noticias3D, Spain 2015-06
"The flexibility of these devices provide our home with many possibilities that you get used to quickly. Backup, transfers, accessible from anywhere, apps and more. Everything is aimed at people who enjoy computing at home and prefer to have their own cloud. ASUSTOR's AS5002T meets all these requirements."

ChannelLife, New Zealand 2015-06
"The market for Network Attached Storage (NAS) used to be just for geeks to keep their range of videos. But with advances in their capabilities, companies like ASUSTOR are bringing innovative answers to more customers, using a mix of their own and open source software to turn their NAS products into powerhouses, replacing full size servers without the overhead of managing an entire IT infrastructure stack."

Profesional Review, Spain 2015-06
"The AS5002T is the ideal place to store our important data and has the ability to play multimedia content on our TV. Regarding its performance it has an excellent interface and stable software, full of useful applications. In all, it supports Samba, download applications and a web interface from Windows and Apple. It has 2 bays supporting up to a total of 16TB.

In short, if you are looking for a NAS with an attractive, durable and scalable design the Asustor AS5002T is one of the best options you can find.

For quality and performance, the team of Professional Review gives it the gold medal."

AS5002T, Spain 2015-06
"A feature of the AS5002T ASUSTOR NAS server is its ability to connect to a TV via the HDMI port to enjoy multimedia content stored on your NAS or home network with KODI."

Sky-Future, France 2015-06
"How to use VirtualBox on a ASUSTOR NAS"

Noticias3D, Spain 2015-05
"Still, for professionals or for those who want to centralize all of their devices in an almost magical way, we cannot do anything but give the ASUSTOR 5004T a "Recommended" award from Noticias3D.


  • Powerful application repository
  • Multiple multimedia possibilities
  • Optical audio output
  • Functionality and ease of use

Islabit, Spain 2015-05
"Concerning tests, the AS5002T stands out from its competitors. Its performance is excellent, with very little power consumption, quiet operation and a large number of functions. Moreover, we must not forget ASUSTOR's ADM operating system. The AS5002T comes pre-installed with version 2.3, but 2.4 is now available with new enhancements and features that make it easier to use, attractive and safe. Notably, the company is constantly working to further improve its operating system, as well as ongoing work to launch new and improved applications to take full advantage of all your NAS servers. All that said, we cannot demand more from this NAS. ASUSTOR has done a great job with the AS5002T device, surpassing in quality and performance much of the competition, even at a lower price, this being about 350 euros ( VAT) in Spain."

JusteGeek, France 2015-05
"To conclude this presentation, I want to say that the Asustor AS5002T is a good product. The possibilities are numerous thanks to its muscular and silent configuration. The user interface is, in turn, pleasant, intuitive and relatively easy to handle. "

Hardware Info, Netherlands 2015-05
"We are very fond of these two models from Asustor. They provide excellent performance. Consider the connectivity and smart apps. The presence of an HDMI connection makes these models even more attractive if you are looking for network and media player functionality in one device. We recommend both models in enthusiastically. Especially because the possibilities are so much fun, we would advise you actually directly step into the AS5102T which will also receive a Gold Award. Silver we give to the cheaper AS5002T."

PC Professionale, Italy 2015-05
"The operating system provided by ASUSTOR handles multiple functions and services simultaneously with the utmost simplicity.


  • Many advanced features 
  • Wide variety of Apps
  • Performance

Autour de Sam, France 2015-05
"This overview of recommended settings allows you to find out about what ASUSTOR has to offer and a glimpse of other comprehensive functions."

Comptoir-Hardware, France 2015-05
"This model resolutely professional and can turn into a real small multimedia station that will blend into any environment. Whether you are an amateur or simply demanding, the performance AS7004T not disappoint."

Prohardver, Hungary 2015-04
"When the ability to connect to TVs via HDMI is taken into account, the AS-302T from ASUSTOR has no real opposition. And if you want more, ASUSTOR's AS5102T (139 000 HUF) is a good choice."

Autour de Sam, France 2015-04
"In conclusion, both the AS5002T and the AS5102T are excellent devices just waiting to be explored because they are easy to use and seem to have endless opportunities."

Sky-Future, France 2015-04
"Conclusion: ASUSTOR offers us a very well finished App for remote music playback. Remember to open the 8000 and 8001 ports to access your NAS (music) from anywhere in the world."

CowcotLand, France 2015-04
"If you are looking for a scalable product that will allow you to do multimedia, and also storage, the AS5102 T is what you need."

HWM, Malaysia 2015-04
"The AS5102T is a compelling choice for a NAS, thanks to its power, features, and versatility. Running it all is a 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Celeron 2.0GHz processor that is backed by 2GB of SO-DIMM DDR3L RAM that is expandable up to 8GB. Furthermore, it is powered by ADM, one of the best custom NAS OSes in the market, which in turn, is backed by one of the most diverse NAS app markets. "

Clubic, France 2015-04
"AS5002T is a product that the manufacturer dedicates to individuals who want to buy a complete NAS. It offers leading performance and a wide range of features. Asustor is very reactive and the successive updates of ADM are there to prove it. The optional remote control and the three-year of warranty are there to completely convince the future customers."

Technieuws, Netherlands 2015-04
"ASUSTOR has in the AS5002T an excellent NAS which primarily features multimedia functionality such as XBMC and Kodi. The NAS also has enough scalability because you can upgrade the NAS from 1GB to 8GB.


  • Cost
  • RAID options
  • Quiet and energy efficient
  • Link Aggregation
  • Hardware encryption
  • Expansion possible up to 8GB RAM
  • Support for XBMC and Kodi
  • S/PDIF connection
  • Fast chipset

Guru3D, US 2015-04
"The ASUSTOR AS5102T with the new updated software definitely is one of the most versatile NAS units we have tested. We like what we saw for hardware, software and functionality. The overall performance is really good, it is Gigabyte Ethernet compatible and though not cheap we feel the price is fair as well.

The ASUSTOR AS5102T is definitely recommended for the consumer side of the market, an incredibly fun and handy NAS with excellent performance and extensive features that you may expect from a NAS unit anno 2015."

ExtraPC, Czech 2015-04
"AS5002T: Really fast, Multimedia Data Storage

A NAS that can do everything. Features include user management, VPN and access right management. It can be mapped via Samba and other protocols to your computer. Perfectly share a nonstop 24/7 hours accessible storage space from your local network and from the Internet.

  • Takes full advantage of gigabit network quality
  • Metal chassis
  • Quiet operation
  • HDMI and XBMC/ KODI player
  • 3 year warranty

Inside Hardware, Italy 2015-04
"Besides the excellent hardware equipment Asustor provides the user with a comprehensive and user-friendly operating system, the new ADM 2.4 that in addition to all the interesting features of the previous version, introduces, among other things, also the TRIM feature that will allow for better performance with solid-state drives. The OS allows you to navigate through the various features of the NAS very easily, so they can be easy to use even for users not accustomed to these types of products. What's more, the company provides a number of tools that will further facilitate the user's tasks, simplifying life considerably, especially in the most delicate phases of installation. As with all high-end products, Asustor's AS-7004T has a large collection of mobile applications that allows users to use the product even when they are on the move, giving them the chance to browse through stored files, stream the music, movies and photos stored on the NAS or view the surveillance system and much more from the convenience of a smartphone. "

eTeknix, UK 2015-04
"The performance was great in all the benchmarks, and the AS5102T did great on all tests. The web interface and smart apps alike are equally fast and responsive, which is great to see. I was thoroughly impressed by ASUSTOR’s operating system, ADM. I found it very intuitive to use and it was easy to find every single function I was looking for. The amount of apps available to install is great and there won’t be many wishes left open. You’ll find anything from media servers over CMS systems to email server and browsers.

  • Great performance
  • Solid quality
  • Steel and Aluminium structure instead of plastic
  • Impressive feature set
  • Dual LAN, USB 3.0, and eSATA

CHIP, Germany 2015-04
"TESTED By CHIP Germany,AS5102T achieves No. 1 ranking from among 35 2-bay NASes "

Geekzone, New Zealand 2015-04
"Network attached storage devices and full on computers aren't much different these days. Take the ASUSTOR AS-7008T 8 bay NAS device for example: you can just add some storage to it, configure the way you want the NAS to work and tuck it away in a corner, doing storage things. Or you can configure it as a powerful business tool with web servers, databases, email and CRM packages and more."

Zebulon, France 2015-04
"It's a very versatile device that we were given to test. The very high level of performance it offers, especially when paired with a disc of the quality of HGST Deskstar Nas 6TB we had, make it a formidable device of efficiency."

HW Legend, Italy 2015-04
"This is a hallmark of the new advances and continuous innovation by ASUSTOR. ASUSTOR was the first company to adpot Kodi, the next evolution of the XBMC media player and its new class of muiltimedia devices (50, 51, 70 series) supports 4K playback and H.265 encoding. The newly updated ADM (ASUSTOR Data MAster) 2.4 intrdouces enhancements that make the operating sytem more usable. The enriched Network Defender filters are more fine tuned and more selective in limiting the IP addresses allowed to connect to the NAS."

TweakTown, US 2015-04
"Overall, the Asustor AS5102T is a solid appliance that offers the performance for multi-user environments, and functionality the typical consumer would want."

ExtraHardware, Czech 2015-04
"ASUSTOR AS5002T: Multimedia data warehouses that overcomes gigabit


  • Takes full advantage of gigabit network
  • Quality design and metal chassis = quiet operation
  • HDMI and player XBMC

Computer, Czech 2015-04
"AS5002T and AS5102T both receive highest rating from comparison with 8 other NASes.

AS5002T Rating: 9.3


  • Performance and operational properties
  • XBMC and more multimedia applications
  • AS5102T Verdict: 9.2


  • Excellent performance/consumption ratio
  • Encrypted folders

CHIP FotoVideo, Indonesia 2015-03
"ASUSTOR AS5002T & AS5004T introduced for the CHIP Foto Video audience. ADM offers great S3 features, data security and ease of access at anytime and from anywhere."

BCCHardware, Canada 2015-03
"The AS5004T is no mere Network Attached Storage box for your home. This isn't built for your average home user. It certainly works in that situation, but this box is built to work in SMB environment and as you can see in the review - it can do that and more. It is designed for a corporate office where data management, redundant backup, and media sharing are a priority. It delivers on its promises, and much, much more."

HardwarePortal, Russia 2015-03
"ASUSTOR's AS302T first of all is a good solution for a good price. In general, we noted a good user interface, easy setup of a network name, and of course the ability to run cloud services for synchronization with a mobile phone."

GreenTech, Russia 2015-03
"ASUSTOR's AS-202TE demonstrated high speed, easy setup and operation, high-quality localization of all interfaces and a large number of adjustable settings. We are very pleased with the updated operating system ADM 2.0 featuring increased speed, increased functionality and improved localization. The price of ASUSTOR's AS-202TE is fully justified!"

PC Guia, Portugal 2015-03
"These NAS for small offices have the availability to stream their video, music or photo files for all household appliances. On the other hand, can still connect the Asustor directly to a TV and sound system and use the NAS as a media player together with the very popular Kodi/ XBMC. Overall, this NAS is very complete, very fast and the software is simple to use. "

Cachem, France 2015-03
"The AS5002T that was tested (along with a NAS initialization test with AiMaster Android version) is a quality product, perfectly designed around an Intel architecture."

Sky-Future, France 2015-03
"If you are looking for a high performance NAS oriented to the professional world, the AS7004T is for you.


  • Two network interfaces.
  • Removable bays.
  • Many applications available.
  • HDMI port, 4K playback.
  • Excellent performance.

3Gameman, Canada 2015-03
"The ASUSTOR AS5002T NAS is outstanding. This model supports up to 2 drives, has 3 USB3 ports, 2 USB2 ports, 2 eSATA ports, HDMI 1.4a and more. You can get an optimal remote or a keyboard and mouse. This NAS is perfect for home or small business filer server. It would also be sweet with Kodi or Plex installed for a HTPC setup."

HW Legend, Italy 2015-03

  • Metal case well made, very durable and rigid;
  • Build quality worthy of note;
  • Good quality of components;
  • Great operating system. ADM 2.4 Beta - fast and responsive;
  • Excellent ventilation system;
  • High number of functions available;
  • Excellent performance;
  • Rich and very intuitive web interface;
  • AiMaster app well designed;
  • System flexibility for different types and amounts of storage;
  • Versatility and robustness demonstrated during use.

Technieuws, Netherlands 2015-03
"Conclusion: The Asustor AS7004T is a very good NAS which is especially suitable for multimedia functionality. The NAS has enough scalability to upgrade the internal RAM memory up to 16GB."

TechLife, Australia 2015-03
"Affordable NAS boxes:Get more digital storage for the whole house. AS-302T: with real time 1080P video transcoding AS-304T: focused on your media addiction"

Techpowerup, US 2015-03
"ASUSTOR did a great job with the AS7004T as it combines strong hardware with their already mature ADM operating system. The hardware's and software's feature list is very long. Especially the AS7004T's multimedia capabilities are incredible; it will easily handle the needs of even the most demanding multimedia aficionado"

IT-Connect, France 2015-03
"Remote access to the NAS with Cloud Connect ASUSTOR "

Cachem, France 2015-03
"We have here a complete NAS. It is fast, reliable and efficient."

ElektronikTest, Denmark 2015-03
"I highly recommend a model like this, for people who want a stable environment for their files and other important things. You also get a media player in it. We land on a nice grade 10. Because there are some new things that draws it, up. It is with the new locks on the drive trays, support Kodi media player and not least, the powerful hardware that is in this server."

Madshrimps, US 2015-03
"The AS5104T NAS from ASUSTOR is built upon the proven chassis solution we have found on their previous generations, with an easy readable LCD display and additional buttons for performing the initial configuration without the need of a PC or extra software. The Celeron J1900 quad-core processor at its core delivers very good transfer rates when moving data; this is paired with a 2GB SODIMM module but the memory can be upgraded up to 8GB if needed, when we are running multiple services at once. "

DatorMagazin, Denmark 2015-03
"ASUSTOR offers good performance under high loads, numerous connections and an extensive range of applications. Verdict: Recommended NAS. A reliable, quiet unit with good performance during high loads."

Xtremesystems, US 2015-03
"In the current era where the number of user of smart phones is booming, the ‘at home’ feeling of an icon based interface is going to be far more welcome than some may imagine.Another thing that is also very welcome to see is the task-bar style section at the top of the GUI that allows for open windows to be quickly changed between, making management so much more fluid.Despite being relatively new to the market,ASUSTOR competes well against more established competitors,even going as far as adding native mobile applications, cloud features, and media center feature support. "

eReviews, Denmark 2015-03
"Overall, I can recommend the ASUSTOR AS5002T. The hardware is flawless and the software / web interface works. It is one of the things that can be easily changed and I am convinced ASUSTOR also is constantly working to make this even better."

59Hardware, France 2015-02
"The AS7004T stands out from the competition thanks to its exclusive features like support for 4K resolution displays and S3 sleep mode that is responsive and fast.

Capable of ensuring high flow rates, it offers comfortable transfer rates that rival and even surpass the majority of NAS on the market."

PC Media, Indonesia 2015-02

We like the AS-202TE

  • Great performance
  • Easy operation

Hardware-TEST, Denmark 2015-02
"Overall, AS5002T is a NAS that is well built and the quality is pretty good. Performance wise it can easily match its competitors, and it works reasonably responsive when using ADM."

APH Networks, Canada 2015-02
"As a product situated in the company's flagship line, the AS7004T is certain worthy. It packs some serious hardware punch with the powerful Intel Core i3-4330 CPU, and delivered top notch performance according to our tests. The front panel LCD display, ability to play 4K UHD videos, and S/PDIF optical out are definitely the icing on the cake. As far as software is concerned, ADM 2.3 is a brilliant AJAX powered web configuration interface is not only pretty, but it is also very functional. Its clean and smooth design is visually very appealing and modern. Additionally, it is fast and intuitive. It makes the abundance of built in features and encompasses them in a very easy to use fashion. "

PC3 Magazine, Hong Kong 2015-02
"Conclusion: Suitable for advanced users The AS7004T is targeted to meet the needs of advanced users. It’s Core i3 processor and RAM that is expandable to a maximum of 16GB allow it to meet the demands of multiple users accessing the NAS simultaneously. Furthermore, the back panel features an HDMI interface that can meet 4K video playback requirements along with a port for S/PDIF high fidelity audio. Now home users will no longer need to rely on a computer to play videos and can even enjoy 4K playback with an ASUSTOR NAS. "

Winmag Pro, Netherlands 2015-02
"The AS5102T hangs between the two at last. Thus, also the multimedia performance of the NAS pushed forward. With the HDMI port for example, you hang a screen to your NAS and you have a nice multimedia setup for movie consumption. An option to backend for your surveillance system (via Surveillance Center) is also an option of course.


  • Scalable
  • Enough Ports
  • Flexible application

Cachem, France 2015-02
"I will conclude on a very positive note on the init function NAS via Asustor AiMaster on Android that is simple, complete and powerful. "

TweakTown, US 2015-02
"As a storage NAS, this model is the best in its class at this time. The transfer performance that we measured was very good across the board."

We Got Served, UK 2015-02
"The ASUSTOR AS-5104T is a powerful NAS solution for advanced home or business users seeking high-capacity storage, a wide array of features and lightning-fast performance. Highly recommended."

Makeuseof, Australia 2015-02
"The management interface – called ADM, which Asustor’s customized linux – is easy to navigate and responsive. It’s obvious where each setting can be found, and I had no issues with it at all."

Smallnetbuilder, US 2015-02
"For 2-bay NASes, the ASUSTOR AS5102T and AS5002T hold the #1 and #2 (respectively) spots on the charts for Total NAS ranking. AS5104T is the #2 following AS7004T. ASUSTOR has once again shown it can produce NASes with chart-topping performance at more affordable prices than its competition."

AS7010T, US 2015-02
"If you need a powerful NAS server with room for up to 10 HDDs and plenty of features and money is not in the way then the AS7010T is an excellent choice and that's why it gets our Platinum Award."

Inside Hardware, Italy 2015-02
"Besides excellent hardware ASUSTOR provides the user with a comprehensive and user-friendly operating system, the new ADM 2.3 (due out soon also is the new update to 2.4) that allows you to navigate through the various features of the NAS with ease. It is easy to use even for users not accustomed to these types of products. What's more, the company provides a number of tools that will further simplify the user's life considerably, especially during the most delicate phases of installation."

IT-Connect, France 2015-02
"AS5002T which offers 3-year warranty, is actually a great product in all respects and is fun to use because the ADM operating system is very complete."

HWM, Malaysia 2015-02
"The AS5002T has more than enough ports for all your network resource sharing needs. It is a great NAS system in terms of expandability, versatility, and power."

PC World, Australia 2015-02
"This is one of the best NAS devices on the market if you're after something that's not only quick, but also capable of being many things. Use it as a media centre, use it to set up servers, use it to handle your downloads, and use it remotely. "

Computer, Czech 2015-02
"AS7004T: Hardware without compromise!

Multimedia oriented NAS with excellent performance which yet hardly will seek competition.


  • Powerful processor,expandable memory
  • Multimedia capabilities
  • Silent operation, acceptable Power consumption

We Got Served, UK 2015-02
"Delivering powerful media performance, a comprehensive set of features and a high quality chassis that really looks the business, the ASUSTOR AS-5004 NAS gets a strong recommendation for the home."

HW Legend, Italy 2015-02
"ASUSTOR's AS5002T is the subject of our review and then entry level model in the new AS5XXXT series. It represents a new way of understanding what a NAS Server can do for the advanced home user. ASUSTOR continues to constantly upgrade their operating system, making it more dynamic, easy to use, fast and complete. A dynamic companby that expresses their desire to grow along with their products."

APC Magazine, Australia 2015-01
"ASUSTOR puts in an amazingly strong showing for its price bracket. Recommended."

ComputerBild, Russia 2015-01
"ASUSTOR's AS-302T is focused on home use and is designed for experienced users. On the back of the device in addition to the USB-port it has an HDMI port, giving the opportunity to connect the NAS to a monitor or TV. It is convenient to manage storage via the web interface, but the company also offers a special mobile app. The web interface is fully localized; it is easy to understand even by an untrained person. There are tools for backup, multimedia players, torrent clients, and even anti-virus in NAS App Center."

iXBT, Russia 2015-01
"In conclusion it should be noted that the network drive ASUSTOR AS-202TE is almost as good as the more expensive models from ASUSTOR's AS-3XXT line. Of course, to achieve impressive speeds, this model will not work for objective reasons, but compared with ARM-based processors, this model clearly has advantages. Overall ASUSTOR's AS-202TE and all NAS models from ASUSTOR stand out against the other models on the market."

Legion Hardware, Australia 2015-01
"Overall the AS5104T is the ultimate NAS, offering users serious performance at a currently unbeatable price. The AS5104T is ideal for business use as well as home multimedia applications, making it highly flexible. ASUSTOR also offers a 3 year warranty, which is more generous than the 2 year warranty Synology offers DS415+ users."

PurePC, Poland 2015-01
"A really high performance server with great functionality provided by ADM. The hardware supports solutions related stricty to the data center market (e.g., expandable hardware with 10GbE interfaces) and the software provides much value."

Hardware Info, US 2015-01
"The Asustor AS-602T is an outstanding product in terms of features and performance. It is a state-of-the-art NAS device with lots of multimedia features."

Hardware Info, US 2015-01
"The Asustor AS-302T has HDMI, an IR receiver and the Asustor Portal interface including YouTube, Chrome and XBMC. It's an excellent choice for a mediaplayer / NAS combo. It gets Gold."

NextHardware, Italy 2015-01
"The new AS7004T has undoubtedly hit all the goals that ASUSTOR has set. The subsidiary of ASUS has produced once again a highly and versatile device that is suited to the needs of any potential buyer. It adds to the storage qualities of a high-end NAS a myriad of other uses such as playing multimedia content in the new UHD format, which can be a heavy load even for some HTPCs.


  • Impressive versatility
  • Excellent connectivity (USB 3.0 and HDMI)
  • Excellent performance
  • Low Noise

NikkTech, US 2015-01
"We have the impressively smooth playback of media content via XBMC which is not something we see a lot and the AS7004T could be at the top of our list at least in that specific area. The ability to support full 4k (2160p) media playback is also very impressive."

Tweak, Denmark 2014-12
"Nothing bad to say about the performance. Playback of a fully self-ripped Blu-ray file was made by the NAS without any lagging, or buffering, and even transcoding of the same material was without any problems. Which I also had expected with 2 GB DDR3 RAM and a i3 CPU. Benchmarks were by the book, and I have an expectation that AS7004T can handle anything near 220 MB / second, if your network supports link aggregation. The noise from AS7004T is hardly noticeable due to the large 120mm fan that runs at a maximum of 600 RPM in load, making it extremely quiet and easy to use in the living room."


Winmag Pro, Netherlands 2014-12
"The AS7010T provides all the best functionality offered by a NAS and much more. It offers unlimited potential for enterprise and multimedia applications."

ComputerDIY, Taiwan 2014-12
"ComputerDIY reports ASUSTOR NAS as one of the hottest products for 2014 "

TeamTechSquad, Philippines 2014-12
"We were impressed by the versatility of this device and it somehow influenced us to raise our standards in finding a NAS. It makes a perfect partner for a formidable home/office router and it also offers much more than being your data dump."

PC World, Russia 2014-12
"Our test trials have shown that all the network drives that are included in the review are useful and functional. They provide a lot of opportunities to significantly extend the functionality of the home network to store data, access data via remote access, perform torrent downloads and more. As for our preferences, the "Editor's Choice" went to ASUSTOR's AS-202TE. It turned out to be the fastest and most functional."

Hardware Heaven, UK 2014-12
"The AS7004T is an exceptional unit which offers fantastic performance, great features and plenty of future-proofing. A worthy winner of our Gold Award."

TechDay, New Zealand 2014-12
"The AS7008T scored well on two fronts. A Haswell processor made a difference performance-wise and its web UI was both intuitive and useful. The AS7008 delivered solid performance and has a great feature set. For business users wanting a no compromise option for setting up shared file access, the AS7008T is a great option. "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2014-12
"ASUSTOR has shown a strong commitment to keeping their software up to date by adding new features and squashing any bugs. The new ADM 2.3 software is excellent and we really appreciated the revamped design. The fact that existing customers using products based on the more affordable 2 and 3 series can also enjoy the new ADM 2.3 software speaks volumes. Overall we have been blown away by what can be achieved with the AS7004T and are therefore giving it our must have award."

PCDIY!, Taiwan 2014-11
"ASUSTOR receives PCDIY 2014 Best NAS Brand Award from readers. "

DGL, Russia 2014-11
"The case of ASUSTOR's AS-202TE is perforated to improve cooling. The front panel is made of plastic, and consists of control buttons combined with indicators. Disk trays also have indicator lights that inform about connecting the drive and its activity. Testing has shown that this network storage device is the fastest we have considered: the maximum reading speed exceeds 88 MB / s - more than a good indicator. Of all the devices we’ve tested, "Editor's Choice" went to ASUSTOR's AS-202TE. It turned out to be the fastest and most functional."

AnandTech, US 2014-11
"Haswell ensure better performance for many workloads compared to the competition. The ADM OS is very pleasing to use (particularly when compared to other fledgling OSes such as the Seagate NAS OS). 'System Migration' from existing low-bay count Asustor NAS units was quite easy (We tested it out by moving the disks from the Asustor AS-304T to the AS7008T for long term testing, and the AS7008T just worked with the settings from the previous NAS). Asustor has put in lot of focus on the ADM packages as well as mobile apps."

Input Mag, Denmark 2014-11
"We find good usability, many features and lots of speed in this network storage device. With this NAS ASUSTOR has managed to make a quick and easy NAS for the home or small office. "

BK, Denmark 2014-11

Excellent network storage device from ASUSTOR: Good for home or small office

  • Good reading speed
  • Easy to use
  • Good selection of apps
  • HDMI port



GreenTech, Russia 2014-11
"ASUSTOR's AS-302T showed high speed, ease of setup and operation, high quality localization of the interface and a large number of adjustable parameters. Its price is fully justified, and if you choose your own network storage, make sure you look at the AS-302T! "

Smallnetbuilder, US 2014-11
"In order to help buyers find the right NAS, ASUSTOR breaks its product line into multiple categories. We have already reviewed products from the "Personal to Home" 2 series, products from the "Home to Power User" 3 series and the AS-604T from the "Power user to Business" 6 series. This review will focus on the AS7004T, also a member of the "Power user to Business" family. As you might suspect, the 7 series boasts better performance and, of course, a higher price than the any of the lower numbered series. The 7 series includes our review model, the 4-bay AS7004T, as well as an 8 bay (AS7008T) and a 10 bay model (AS7010T)."

HW Legend, Italy 2014-11
  • Metal case is well made, very durable and rigid
  • Build quality is worthy of note
  • Excellent quality of components
  • Excellent stability of the network connection
  • Great operating system in ADM 2.3, fast and responsive
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Large number of functions available
  • Excellent performance
  • Rich and very intuitive web interface
  • System flexibility with regards to type and amount of storage
  • Versatility and robustness demonstrated with use

Profesional Review, Spain 2014-10

It is increasingly common to have a NAS at home and also to use it as a media center with your TV. This is the first time I have tried an ASUSTOR (AS-302T) and it has been fantastic. For a home network storage device with 2 bays, it allows us to install the the highest capacity hard drives on the market.Another major advantage is its low power consumption and large possibilities offered with ASUSTOR's own applications and operating system configurations. In short, if you're looking for a good, nice and cheap NAS with multimedia functions today, it is difficult not to choose the ASUSTOR AS-302T with an entry price of 290."

CHIP, Germany 2014-10
"The AS-602T features an intuitive operating system with power conversion that greatly exceeds common standards."

ExtraHardware, Czech 2014-10
"AS-302T is a quality NAS, which features sufficient power, quiet operation and an HDMI interface. The price is low and you need to add more to the price for two hard drives, NAS is still an important part of a home network and ASUSTOR is among the best. "

We Got Served, UK 2014-10
"The new ASUSTOR AS7010T is a premium NAS for business, offering a compelling combination of features and performance wrapped in a compact, high capacity package."

UpWeek, Russia 2014-09
"Overall, a great machine with lots of features. If you are too lazy to build your own server from an old desktop, you will want the convenience and compactness of this two-bay model."

Virtual-IT, Poland 2014-09
"ASUSTOR's AS-202TE provides the user with a comprehensive NAS with a rich palette of features out of the box, which can easily be expanded by connecting external devices to the server and by installing additional applications. Even the most demanding users will find much more than what they need for storing and exchanging data. Using the user-friendly interface, within a few minutes you can expand the local network to share data over a secure channel on the outside, implement solutions to improve running a small business or run a powerful home media center (HTPC). All this at an affordable price. ASUSTOR's AS-202TE is a really strong product."

WinmagPro, Netherlands 2014-09
"Conclusion The ASUSTOR AS-304T is a highly competitive and complete NAS that offers great value for money. The media player functionality is available and is a welcome addition.


  • Media player
  • Easy installation
  • Good performance
  • Both hdd and ssd
  • Built-in power adapter


TechDay, New Zealand 2014-09
"There’s a lot to like with the Asustor 604T. It’s a cracking good media centre that is so solid build-wise that it could do double duty as a nuclear fallout shelter. On the performance front it also acquitted itself well. Unlike a lot of other NAS units I’ve tested in the past, the 604T is whisper quiet and well built. This combined with its solid performance makes it a pretty good deal."

iXBT, Russia 2014-08
"ASUSTOR has done a solid job on the software of their network attached storage servers. Today, their model can be counted among a dense group of leaders in this market segment in terms of implemented functions and solver of problems. In addition to traditional NAS features, including the organization of disk arrays, providing access to popular network protocols, set permissions for users and groups, as well as a backup device that can perform a variety of other roles after the installation of additional software packages. Among them there are both aimed at the home user services (eg, media servers and stand-alone file downloads) and business applications (for example, the VPN Server, video surveillance, CMS and database). We should also mention the integration with popular cloud storage systems."

IT Systems, Czech 2014-08

The AS-604T was a very pleasant surprise. Our first experience with the ASUSTOR brand was unambiguously positive. ASUSTOR's AS-604T is awell-tuned high performance NAS, that is easy to use and has a large number functions.


Tweak, Denmark 2014-08
"All in all, it's very hard not to recommend Asustor AS-202T for those who are looking for their first NAS server that do not want anything that is too difficult to go to. So users should you really go after something like this.


  • Attractive design
  • Good starters NAS
  • Easy setup
  • Fine benchmark results
  • Easy to use WebUI
  • Danish interface

Noticias3D, Spain 2014-08
"The ADM firmware is full-featured, while distributed in a way that is easily understood by all users, both expert and novice. You are prompted to configure the most important options with a few clicks, and in the simplest way. Moreover, it is very complete, and we have control over everything relevant, from energy management to management for groups and users, to store applications and even exclusive multimedia services.


  • Great internal firmware, very comprehensive and easy to use
  • HDMI output for content management for TV
  • Remote Control compatible with optional XBMC client
  • Content consumption and noise
  • Capacity for two 3.5-inch disks

Gamoha, Germany 2014-08
"With the AS-202TE Asustor has developed a multimedia network storage device which convinces with its range of functions, easily understandable user interface and premium design for home and small office users. It is ideally suited for storing data and multimedia applications and also convinces with the best price-performance ratio. "

Hardware Journal, Germany 2014-08

The Asustor AS-202TE has produced really good test figures. Quite apart from the excellent processing and optics, Asustor offers with this NAS a multimedia-capable home server with the desires of its buyers completely satisfied . With a price of just under 230 € Asustor offers a good server system with everything for multimedia on the TV using the integrated HDMI port . The GUI is very clearly designed and intuitive to use. Settings as FTP and Web server backup with SSH , Wake on LAN , or use as a SQL database are just a few of the many possibilities that lie dormant in the AS-202TE. "

PCDIY!, Taiwan 2014-08

The ASUSTOR AS-302T is powered by an Intel Atom processor, supports HDMI multimedia playback and web browsing, and has a high price to performance ratio. PCDIY! enthusiastically recommends this product.


PC Magazine, US 2014-07
"ASUSTOR's AS-602T ($579.79) is an excellent, albeit expensive, two-bay NAS device. It offers beefier hardware than most dual-bay NASes, as well as a great interface and wonderful RAID management.


  • Excellent disk read and write speed.
  • Great RAID 1 protection.
  • User-friendly, clean interface.
  • Solid design and awesome LEDs.

Virtual-IT, Poland 2014-07
"If you are looking for a stable NAS with a high level of security for stored data, which offers plenty of configuration options, and is able to act as a personal media center and cloud environment for small business, it is worth considering the AS-304T.


  • High performance
  • Functional ADM operating system
  • Rich set of additional applications
  • Solid construction
  • USB 3.0 port on the front panel
  • HDMI
  • Support for cloud data storage
  • Support for XBMC

ComputerBase, Germany 2014-07
"A comprehensive "App Store" to extend the functionality of the NAS, as it provides Asustor with App Central, and more than 100 additional packages can be found at the TeraStation 4400 Buffalo not, so that the buyer is fixed to the functions offered by Buffalo. In addition, the web interface of the TeraStation can be about 4400 configuration options for automatic HDD Spin Down miss what is acceptable at best in the business environment, and often offers such as the display only rudimentary settings. ASUSTOR AS-304T is the better choice for consumers."

ElektronikTest, Denmark 2014-07
"I have mentioned before that the software at ASUSTOR just is top notch and they always deliver good and well-developed programs is always something new on the way so you always get new features to its server, it means that the server you buy now will still be exciting in a year when there are so many new things at the time, I think there are good features in it now and have not the imagination to imagine what or missing and will come to ADM in the future."

NextHardware, Italy 2014-07
"Good hardware and good quality of assembly come together to provide a vast amount of features that, thanks to the policy of the manufacturer, is constantly expanding.

The performance is of an excellent standard and the infinite possibilities of management are a perfect match with the entertainment and usability of the device both from home and from any part of the globe via a simple Internet connection.

Much of the credit goes undoubtedly to the operating system (ADM) designed by ASUSTOR, whose effectiveness was even more surprising if we consider the young age of the company that, in just over two years, he has developed a system that exceeds many competitors and continues to improve.


  • Impressive versatility
  • Excellent connectivity (USB 3.0 and HDMI)
  • Good performance
  • Quietness
  • Competitive price

C.O.D., US 2014-07
"The AS-204TE is packed with all the features you look for in a small, inexpensive, package, making it hard to pass up. If you are a home user looking for a good NAS at a great price, the AS-204TE may be the one for you. Bottom line, if you are looking for a NAS on a budget… don’t look at anything else."

News and Review, UK 2014-07
"Whenever i hear we have an ASUSTOR unit being shipped to us, i know good things await us, The ASUSTOR AS-606T was no big surprise in terms of performance and as always was at the top of it’s game. Construction wise we see the same great design that ASUSTOR are renowned for and that has become a firm favorite among the home users right through to the big businesses that want a networked solution that offers all the demanding features they require but looks good whilst doing so. "

Actualidad Hardware, Spain 2014-07
"After testing the AS-202TE from ASUSTOR can say that it is a great NAS. ADM is a great operating system with many configuration options and great Apps with which we can make the most of. Incorporating HDMI output is a plus because with it we can enjoy our TV media with the XBMC software making it a center for all family entertainment. The AS-202TE is a NAS aimed at both professional and domestic environments due to the quantity and quality of ASUSTOR's applications. "

HardwareLUXX, Germany 2014-06
"The software used is a positive aspect. For the AS-204TE is now the ADM surface in version 2.2, which hardly leaves a lot be desired for most users, provides lots of features and can be extended with other apps.

Positive aspects of Asustor AS-204TE:

  • high throughput values
  • extensive software (expandable)
  • useful apps for mobile devices
  • quiet operation

Mreza Magazine, Croatia 2014-06
"Excellent support for additional applications and features such as a very powerful operating system, a large number of USB connectors, support for video surveillance, expandability for USB peripherals, optional remote control, USB 3.0, multimedia applications, personal cloud."

We Got Served, UK 2014-06
"The ASUSTOR AS-609RS range-topping rackmount offers massive storage capacities and reasonable performance. With attractive features for both business users and prosumers, there's a lot to like about the AS-609RS."

ComputerBase, Germany 2014-06
"The HDMI output on the AS-204TE can be used with the App "Asustor Portal" to output applications on a connected TV or monitor. Besides XBMC for video playback there are also Apps like Chrome or Youtube available. The optional remote control and the built-in infrared receiver of the AS-204TE allow it to be used as a multimedia player that can play HD content with no trouble. 


  • Very good workmanship 
  • Encryption (AES 256) 
  • HDMI output 
  • USB 3.0 
  • Mature software 
  • App Store

Smallnetbuilder, US 2014-06
"In the end, ASUSTOR's ADM 2.1 is a modern NAS OS with an attractive tablet and mobile-friendly user interface supporting a range of features that should satisfy the needs of the majority of NAS buyers. "

Speicherguide, Germany 2014-06
"Conclusion: Good value for money The AS-304T turns out to be good device, both for home users, as well as SoHo and small companies. We are satisfied with the offered performance in any case. For environments with few users, the performance is good enough. The operating noise is acceptable even softly at system startup."

Virtual-IT, Poland 2014-06
"The AS-602T can easily perform several functions simultanesouly as it acts as a central storage sever and backup solution. It can support cloud environments, backup repository on virtualization, server, streamlining collaboration project groups, host Web services or home media center. Upgrading the Intel Dual Core 2.13GHz and 1 GB of RAM (expandable to 3GB) turns out to be a great choice. The AS-602T should meet the expectations of demanding, savvy home users and network administrators of small businesses seeking a powerful NAS with a large feature set. "

Hardware Zone, Thailand 2014-05
"ASUSTOR's AS204TE NAS is comprehensive and diverse in storage and multimedia. On an enterprise network or at home, you can count on its data protection to safeguard your data. It also provides multimedia entertainment. It can meet your needs without a doubt. No matter if you want to listen to music, surf the web, or create databases. No matter if you are an amateur or a professional, ASUSTOR's AS-204TE will not disappoint."

Hardware Magazine, France 2014-05
"AS-202T and AS-204TE strengths

  • Features
  • Discrete Ventilation
  • Hardware
  • Performance

AltomData, Denmark 2014-05
"NAS with HDMI and overwhelming range of apps A good NAS at a reasonable price, doing very well for storage, backup and playback of movies. The service is good and the features are just as in particular the range of apps. The operating system is well balanced and manageable. A NAS with something to offer."

Inside Hardward, Italy 2014-05
"Thanks to the many possibilities, NAS systems have begun to spread more and more and also into the home. Many users are starting to use these products for the first time. It follows that many of them are not experts, and an intuitive operating system can lead them to prefer one product over another. Asustor has clearly paid particular attention to these users, especially with products such as the AS-204TE, specially designed for them. In particular, the ADM operating system confirms once again the high ease of use also shown in previous versions."

TweakTown, US 2014-05
"The ASUSTOR AS-604RD includes a number of features useful for small business and even small enterprise offices. The performance is very good."

HW Legend, Italy 2014-05
"The unit has been shown to have excellent skills in all areas of reactivity, expressing solidity and strength in all usage scenarios. Good operating temperatures, in view of the fact that the NAS server has not been used in a rack and air-conditioned environment, a situation in which temperatures can significantly improve. During all the long usage sessions were content consumption, thanks to the implementation (very rare in this type of devices) of the Sleep Mode S3 ( STR - Suspend To RAM ). The timing of startup / shutdown are of good quality and in general the NAS Server has had a behavior more than positive."

Network World, US 2014-04
"The ASUSTOR 602T network attached storage system, outstanding features and performance What does this amazing collection of features and performance cost? Without drives, the ASUSTOR 602T is available for around $400 which compares favorably with similar offerings from other vendors. Asustor is one of the newer NAS vendors but the 602T places them squarely in the same market as the bigger and older players. I’m very impressed and the ASUSTOR 602T gets a Gearhead rating os 5 out of 5."

Techniewus, Netherlands 2014-04
"The use of the firmware is very simple and contains most of the features which are also present in the competition.


  • Fast processor
  • Possibility to extend RAM
  • High quality materials
  • Removable hard drives (brackets)
  • USB 3.0 front
  • HDMI

News and Review, UK 2014-04
"The ASUSTOR tagline is ‘Innovation Makes A Difference’ and when it comes to their range of NAS this catchy one liner rings so true. Being one of the first manufacturers to merge media playing abilities alongside network storage, ASUSTOR covered all bases in terms of the consumer type their products were geared towards. Each new release within the last 12months, ASUSTOR have pushed the boundaries not only with their product specifications but also with their NAS software, switching up the rules and making owning a NAS one of the hottest new gadgets to own. "

PC PRO, UK 2014-04
"A good-value nine-bay rack NAS appliance with decent performance and plenty of features"

Techpowerup, US 2014-04
"It packs many interesting features, including several multimedia ones that will allow you to get rid of your old media player to replace it with a device that does it all while taking up almost the same amount space. Even the for PC standards, a weak CPU will suffice in most cases and will net you bottom-low energy consumption numbers, which is an incredibly highly sought after feature in NAS servers since they are supposed to operate around the clock. "

CDRInfo, Poland 2014-04
"ASUSTOR did perfectly with regards to performance. Components that are mounted within the housing, and it achieves very good results with typical tasks associated with file transfers. U.S. reviews even write sensationally about both accepting and sending files via CIFS and FTP. iSCSI and WebDAV results are equally good.


  • (Very) high performance
  • Large software capabilities
  • Convenient interface
  • Ability to install additional applications
  • One of the two USB 3.0 ports is on the front
  • ASUSTOR College

MacityNet, Italy 2014-04
"The product is great not only as a backup device and centralized home entertainment server but also for those dedicated to development: there are various apps in the app store for electronic commerce and building websites. We loved the AS-302T and the price is great in relation to what it offers.


  • Large amount of available functions
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Energy-saving features
  • Documentation in Italian

PCBrain, Italy 2014-04
"The quality is above average, with the benefits that fulfill all expectations."

Tom's Hardware, Germany 2014-04
"The ASUSTOR Portal convinced us that additional features such as video surveillance are possible on your TV. Users who already have a camera surveillance system, can connect up to four cameras without the purchase of additional licenses. This saves you money."

XtremeHardware, Italy 2014-04
"If you are looking for a NAS with good performance, which will allow you to watch your movies on your TV, this product will do the job.


  • Good overall performance
  • HDMI port
  • ADM 2.0 provides rich functionality
  • Mobile applications are well developed

MacWorld, UK 2014-03
"For the software Asustor developed its own an app-based interface. It has a rich graphical look, with drop shadows below open windows, all centred on a desktop populated with large iPhone-style app icons. It’s a great-looking environment that’s closer to a modern Linux graphical shell."

PC Advisor, UK 2014-03
"AS-604T is a very well featured and sturdily built NAS drive


  • sturdy construction
  • accessible modern software interface
  • decent performance under certain conditions

MikroPC, Finland 2014-03
"The AS-202TE from ASUSTOR is and excellent device that offers great value for the money. Its features and performance are sufficient for most home users."

PPK Mag, Czech 2014-03
" AS-302T is a powerful and very smart home data storage solution that can be also used as a multimedia player."

AnandTech, Canada 2014-03
"From our experience with the unit, we can say without doubt that Asustor is a very effective and welcome addition to the list of SOHO / SMB NAS vendors. We look forward to evaluating more Asustor units that present a better price to features/performance ratio than what is provided by the AS-304T."

PC DIY, Taiwan 2014-03
"The ASUSTOR AS-304T is equipped with an Intel Atom dual core processor. It can be used as a home file sharing center and can be used to play multimedia and browse the web via HDMI. PCDIY! strongly recommends this product."

NikkTech, US 2014-03
"Overall i think that ASUSTOR has manufactured yet another NAS Server which is more than just enough for its intended use and although performance could had been slightly better the excellent and graphics rich ADM with its ease of use more than just makes up for that and since the price is right we are happy to give it our Golden Award."

Legion Hardware, Australia 2014-03
"Therefore in terms of performance the AS-204TE is right up there and is arguably better value than the more expensive AS-304T. Moreover it had no trouble wiping the floor with QNAP’s new TS-421, for roughly the same price the AS-204TE provided considerably better performance in most tests.

With Asustor ticking all the right boxes when it comes to price and performance we were just left to evaluate the ADM software. With the initial version of this software being very solid we were not surprised to find a very mature second revision. The recent 2.1 update brought even more features and performance which we like to see.

Additionally the XBMC app and Asustor remote expand the possibilities of the AS-204TE, making it an ideal HTPC replacement. "

Hardware Asylum, US 2014-03
"However you decide to use the ASUSTOR AS-304T you will not be disappointed. There is a plethora of applications available and the overall form factor and ease of use makes it a perfect device for the home when you need to remotely store or share data with multiple systems.

Good Things

  • Powerful Atom 1.6Ghz Processor
  • Four Drive RAID Support
  • HDMI Out
  • Lots of Applications
  • Linux Based OS
  • Shell Access
  • Media Server

Andrews Reviews, UK 2014-03
"The 2XXTE range of enclosures are well built and strong performing whilst being reasonably priced. The Asustor Portal is the icing on the cake that should see the 2XXTE be very popular and find their way under many a tv set. It has a large catalogue of apps behind it and their mobile apps continue to go from strength to strength.
With a wealth of features for both business and home users and the media capabilities of a htpc at an extremely competitive price point the 2XXTE series is a clear winner!"

GoodGearGuide, Australia 2014-03
"The 2-bay ASUSTOR AS-202TE is a feature-packed NAS device, thanks mainly to an app environment that allows many different functions to be added, depending on your needs. It's well built, easy to use, and we think it's among the best NAS devices aimed at home users."

eTeknix, UK 2014-02
"As far as performance is concerned, the dual core Atom SoC is no slouch for a 2-bay system. Topping out at 116MB/s on the write side and 113.3MB/s on the read side of things, for the money, you really can’t go far wrong. Pair the speeds and specifications with a very user-friendly GUI and what we find here is an ideal package for the first time NAS user who wants a system that is easy to work with and one that also offers up that little bit extra with its media centre capabilities. I’ll also point out that if you already have another NAS or other network storage device already setup within your network, then these sources can be linked in to the media front end of XMBC making it even easier to get access to your media content wherever it is stored on the network."

BuyCOMs, Thailand 2014-02
"Excellent NAS with 4 disk bays that supports RAID 0,1,5,6,10 configurations along with the ability to streaming multimedia files."

MB Magazine, Finland 2014-02
"Good performance, lots of features, quality housing and excellent cooling solution."

Jagat Review, Indonesia 2014-02
"In addition to good performance, the NAS is also supported by management tools with a user interface that is easy to learn. It features wizards that make the device easy to use, even for users who are new to NAS.


  • Rich variety of applications
  • Easy to use
  • Additionally functions as a media player

Tweak, Denmark 2014-02
"On the hardware side, the AS-204TE very solid and beautifully built. This is also certainly the case when working with the software. 2900kr for a well built 4-disk NAS, so you actually get really good value. highly recommends the ASUSTOR AS-204TE on all fronts.
- Build quality
- Low noise
- Price "

CHIP, Italy 2014-02
"ASUSTOR NAS is dedicated to consumer applications or SOHO and can be easily expanded with over a hundred apps. The operating system is intuitive and fast. The NAS can be connected directly to TV for the playback of multimedia content, thanks to the presence of an HDMI port. It has several apps that allow you to access its functions through smartphones, even remotely. If you often use it as a media center, you can also purchase a convenient infrared remote control. Pros: Excellent performance, expandable functionality via apps, HDMI video output"

DatorMagazine, Sweden 2014-02
"A NAS that can be used for home entertainment and can be accessed remotely.

- Very user friendly web interface
- Great apps
- Lots of relevant functions

Hardware Heaven, UK 2014-02
The AS-204TE continues the run of excellent products we have seen from Asustor. With the addition of an update OS in ADM 2.1 the AS-204TE is a quality NAS and one that is likely to be at the top of any shopping list."

Reviewify, UK 2014-02
"In short the AS-202TE is a brilliant NAS and a must buy item for those looking for an easy to use, flexible, interface that offers a lot of features. It seems like I’m only just scratching the surface of what it can do and Asustor looks keen on adding to the already impressive range of apps and features. Wondering if you’ll miss features of your old NAS? Don’t be, this has got all the bases covered and so much more. A brilliant NAS from a manufacturer that seems to have come out of nowhere with an incredibly polished product."

TwojePC, Poland 2014-02
"The biggest advantage of the NAS is that it can perform the roles of a system HTPC or media player. It is quiet, consumes little power and with the HDMI port, can be connected to any display. The Asustor Portal and XBMC applications become available once the NAS is connected to a display. Remote control is available via the Asustor Remote, AiRemote mobile app, or USB mouse and keyboard. You can also connect a wireless audio system via Bluetooth. Stable and fast, the ADM operating system has just been upgraded to the 2.1 official version. The number of add-on applications (over 100) is impressive."

HomeTheater, Israel 2014-02
"Impressive for a company so young, is the wealth of information offered to the customer in the form of discussion forums and ASUSTOR College.

The AS-304T can also save customers from purchasing an HTPC. It eliminates the competition with its HDMI port and XBMC App. Boxee can also be installed quickly."

CHIP Online, Germany 2014-02
"Test Winner: ASUSTOR AS-602T
ASUSTOR's AS-602T is the top placed device in our ranking of network hard drives with two drive bays. It provides very strong overall performance."

Charged, UAE 2014-01
"AS-606T introduced as a high capacity NAS with military encryption (January 2014 Issue) "

Muropaketti, Finland 2014-01
"ASUSTOR chooses the XMBC media player is definitely a favorite for many exchange for HTPC use and range of the device software on a network server is full of pleasant and easy to use surprises."

TechLife, Australia 2014-01
"AS-202TE, the ultimate collection of home cinema NAS features"

ElektronikTEST, Denmark 2014-01
"The NAS servers from ASUSTOR, which I have had my fingers on, has surprised me a lot, especially their newest AS-202TE, as it is placed at a price where everyone can participate. But even though the price is low, it still has most of the features as the expensive units on the market has. With the media portal you can play video, music and much more through XBMC and straight up on a monitor"

Chip Online, Germany 2014-01
"Summary: Features and performance are the strengths of Asustor AS-602T: Two LAN ports, HDMI-out, two drive bays and six USB ports are on board. An Intel Atom CPU (2.13 GHz) and 1 GB of RAM provide plenty of power in the test.

  • Cloud support
  • User-friendly Interface
  • HDMI output
  • Very good performance

C.O.D., US 2014-01
"ASUSTOR's AS-302T is a great NAS for those on a budget. It offers tons of features and performance. The multimedia experience is excellent and the NAS is easy to configure/maintain."

Cachem, France 2014-01
"The ASUSTOR AS-302T is undoubtedly the best 2-bay NAS on the market for € 305. The material is of good quality and the embedded system is very comprehensive. Its HDMI output and XBMC media player allow it to stand out from the competition. "

APH Networks, Canada 2014-01
"The ASUSTOR AS-202TE delivers commendable performance, lower power consumption, and tons of features for a competitive price."

We Got Served, UK 2014-01
"The AS-304T is a well balanced, well built device offering powerful home theatre features on top of a comprehensive NAS specification. Great looks, high quality, strong spec, brilliant features - these are the pillars on which the best home servers are built - and the AS-304T is certainly up there with the best."


Chip Online, Germany 2013-12
"Conclusion: For home users and small businesses Asustor AS-202T is suitable. The NAS works on the basis of an open source operating system with its own Appstore, where cloud, find web server, backup, and many other Apps. The AS-202T provides a decent performance in the test, and by Android or iOS app you can remotely control also.

  • Personal Cloud
  • Backup in the cloud (Amazon S3)
  • Function Stark
  • Many apps
  • Control via Smartphone

Chip Online, Germany 2013-12
"Conclusion: The Asustor AS-302T heard at a brisk Intel Atom processor (1.6 GHz), HDMI interface and great features to the upper class of network hard drives. The performance of the two-shaft system under test is high and the AS-302T can output content to the TV.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Many functions
  • HDMI-out
  • Strong performance

Chip Online, Germany 2013-12
"Conclusion: The most interesting features of the NAS ASUSTOR AS-202TE are a big memory (1 GB) and an HDMI port for direct output of multimedia content on the TV. In addition, the ASUSTOR covers the complete range of a server network drive."

Hardware.Info, Netherlands 2013-12
"The ASUSTOR AS-302T has an infrared receiver and the ASUSTOR Portal platform which includes YouTube, Chrome and XBMC looks very nice. A good choice if you want a media player and NAS in one. Gold for this model.

The AS-602T comes with excellent features and performance as well as range of multimedia functionality. "

HardwareTest Portal, Denmark 2013-12
"This ASUSTOR AS-202TE, works uncomplicatedly and is smooth in daily use. It has a fair speed when transferring files, and you can enjoy the user interface, which is in Danish also. "

TBreak, UAE 2013-12
"It’s clear that ASUSTOR meant business with the AS-304T, as it’s perfectly positioned to cater to the needs of the home media enthusiast or a small office that needs a robust network storage solution. The addition of media capabilities makes the AS-304T an incredibly easy to use media server, not to mention the plethora of other configurations such as FTP, or Web Server that offer endless things you can do with the AS-304T. Not to mention you also configure the AS-304T for remote file access, making it more than just a place to dump data on your network. You’ll of course need to factor in the high initial cost of the AS-304T as well as the costs of the hard drives, so it’s wise to start with one or two drives and then work your way from there. If you’re looking for a stable NAS with plenty of configuration options, then the AS-304T is the best thing you’ll purchase this year."

Expert Reviews, UK 2013-12
"This enclosure has a great interface and gives you plenty of power for your money.
The ASUSTOR AS-604T costs £355 excluding VAT, which is a good price for a powerful NAS enclosure with a slick interface. It's both faster and cheaper than the QNAP TS-469 Pro and compares well against other four-bay NAS enclosures on the market. If you want a fast, well priced and easy to use NAS then you should buy the Asustor AS-604T. "

PC Pro, UK 2013-12
"ASUSTOR may be a latecomer to the SMB NAS market, but we’ve been hugely impressed by the appliances we’ve tested so far. The ADM software has gone from strength to strength; overall performance is competitive; and, most crucially of all, the AS-608T is better value than rivals such as Synology’s DS1813+ and Qnap’s TS869 Pro. This is a top choice for SMBs, and comes highly recommended

Good value, nippy performance and ample features makes Asustor's 8-bay NAS box a fine choice for SMBs "

XtremeSystems, US 2013-12
"The ASUSTOR AS-202TE is a very attractively designed NAS which will appeal to the wide audience of media centric users. Playback is smooth . If you're looking for a NAS to double as a work-in-progress media player, the ASUSTOR AS-202TE may fill that void. "

Gadget Gear, Nederlands 2013-12
"ASUSTOR's ADM 2.0 operating system makes managing a NAS easy for the average user. The Intel Atom processor is not the fastest that you will find on a NAS but it is fast enough to make use of all the available apps. Excellent data transfer rates, an HDMI port and remote will ensure that the AS-204Te and your TV will become the best of friends. "

ComputerBase, Germany 2013-12
"With the AS-202TE, ASUSTOR is offering a very good NAS system. It can be used as a media player via the HDMI output and XBMC.

  • Very good workmanship
  • High transmission speed
  • Encryption (AES 256-bit)
  • HDMI output
  • USB 3.0
  • Mature software
  • App Central AppStore

PC World, Norway 2013-12
"The ASUSTOR AS-302T is a NAS that delivers excellent performance and functionality. "

NikkTech, US 2013-12
"The AS-608T NAS Server by ASUSTOR is certainly not cheap but it's actually roughly 20% cheaper compared to its counterpart from QNAP (TurboNAS TS-869 Pro) and 10% cheaper than its counterpart by Synology (DiskStation DS1813+). Of course in the end it all comes down to what exact features you are after, which brand you trust more and which OS you like more but ASUSTOR offers a solid solution that costs less than the competition and at the same time offers pretty much the same features, has almost identical performance levels and uses a very good OS. Because of all of the things mentioned we feel that the AS-608T may not be the perfect NAS Server but it's still well worth our Golden Award. "

Hardware, Norway 2013-12
"Is the ASUSTOR AS-202TE worth keeping? Yes, we recommend it. It is also affordable at a great price.

  • Great performance
  • Good quality
  • HDMI and audio out
  • Low noise
  • Superior operating system

PC World, New Zealand 2013-11
"This 4-bay NAS unit adds great consumer appeal by doubling as a media centre.
A few smart additions turn what would otherwise be a regular 4-bay NAS into a great home-theatre PC, helping justify its cost and reducing your living-room tech clutter.


  • Standalone media centre functionality
  • Wide range of functions and apps
  • Good read/write performance

ExtraHardware, Czech 2013-11
"ASUSTOR's market offering is definitely a success. Instead of coming in at the lower rungs of the market ASUSTOR has first ventured into the upper middle class segments, where it will undoubtedly succeed. In terms of performance, it is not bad at all and in some ways surpasses the proven models of Synology. With regards to the Rsync functionality ASUSTOR is the absolute winner."

GreenTech, Russia 2013-11
ASUSTOR AS-302T showed high speed, ease of setup and operation, total quality localization interface and a large number of adjustable parameters. Its price is fully justified and if you choose your own network storage, make sure you look at the AS-302T! "

PC World, New Zealand 2013-11
"This 4-bay NAS unit adds great consumer appeal by doubling as a media centre.
A few smart additions turn what would otherwise be a regular 4-bay NAS into a great home-theatre PC, helping justify its cost and reducing your living-room tech clutter.

ExtraHardware, Czech 2013-11
"ASUSTOR's market offering is definitely a success. Instead of coming in at the lower rungs of the market ASUSTOR has first ventured into the upper middle class segments, where it will undoubtedly succeed. In terms of performance, it is not bad at all and in some ways surpasses the proven models of Synology. With regards to the Rsync functionality ASUSTOR is the absolute winner."

XtremeHardware, Italy 2013-11
"If you have a business are looking for a NAS, keep ASUSTOR in mind and its AS-608T!


  • High Performance
  • Good performance for link aggregation
  • ADM 2.0
  • Energy efficient
  • Plenty of space allocated
  • Good performance for USB 3.0
  • LCD screen that allows for configurations
  • Structure and all-metal chassis
  • Rigid plastics

AltomDATA, Denmark 2013-11
"A fast NAS with great multimedia capabilities that is also suitiable for the home office. Easy of use and functionality is great. This is also the NAS with the most Apps available for download. "

HardwareLUXX, Germany 2013-11
"ASUSTOR has done right with the AS-302T. Starting with the solid and smart housing over to the appealing software. The hardware might not be the latest, but still offers quite a lot of power. The App Aidata could still get at least an update on the iPhone without graphical errors and support for more file formats. We liked the AiMaster app, with which the management of the NAS is really easy.

Positive aspects of ASUSTOR AS-302T:

  • Very attractive design
  • Good Web interface
  • Sound speeds
  • Very good HTPC functionality
  • Good smartphone apps
  • Low energy consumption

GoodGearGuide, Australia 2013-11
"This 4-bay NAS unit adds great consumer appeal by doubling as a media centre.
A few smart additions turn what would otherwise be a regular 4-bay NAS into a great home-theatre PC, helping justify its cost and reducing your living-room tech clutter.


  • Standalone media centre functionality
  • Wide range of functions and apps
  • Good read/write performance

Allround-PC, Germany 2013-11
"Review: Multimedia Storage Center ASUSTOR AS-202TE
Overall, for the price of 235 euros (, the buyer gets a quality system that has many useful features and enhancements.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Processing
  • Scope of delivery
  • Noise
  • Features

iTrends, Denmark 2013-11
"ASUSTOR’s AS-202TE has received 100 points on the iTrends grading scale due to its very complete package (with much to offer both casual and hardcore users) and very attractive price point."

AfterDawn, Filand 2013-11

  • Fast and quality-built NAS device
  • Online RAID expansion
  • Expandable functionality with many supplementary programs
  • Good performance
  • Simple user interface