Job Opportunities

Your Future Begins at ASUSTOR
Join ASUSTOR and create an exciting future of unlimited potential. At ASUSTOR you will be able to see our staff’s unmatched devotion to the design of network attached storage (NAS), crafting products with a unique blend of hardware and software integration. Our mission is to launch an international brand and to become a global leader in digital storage. At ASUSTOR you will get a chance to work with the leading talents in the field, while receiving ample opportunities for you to develop and discover your true potential and grow together with the company.

Company Culture
At ASUSTOR we believe that our employees are our most treasured assets. To ensure that the company and staff grow together, we are committed to creating a diverse, welcoming, happy and energetic work environment. We actively assist our employees in developing and discovering their true potential while providing ample opportunities for them to display their abilities. We believe that quality products are the result of an R&D team’s pursuit of unparalleled innovation and a rigorous development process. Our products represent the perfect integration of hardware and software and have won countless awards while receiving glowing recommendations from world renowned reviewers after having been on the market for only over 2 years. Presently, we have been honored with over 200 awards worldwide.


Flexible Working Hours
A flexible start time to the workday is provided due to traffic and transportation considerations. Employees may choose to start their workday at any time between 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Casual Dress Code
ASUSTOR places an emphasis on creating a comfortable and relaxed work environment. Employees are free to wear clothing that they feel most comfortable in.

Flat Organizational Structure
A flat organizational structure across departments provides for a high degree of flexibility and efficiency. Any issues can be openly discussed and resolved immediately.

Convenient Location
ASUSTOR is just a short 2 minute walk from Qiyan Station on the Tamsui (Red) MRT Line, providing employees with a convenient alternative to taking their cars or scooters.

Employee Benefits

Employee Discounts

  1. Employees and their family and friends can enjoy a discount on all ASUS products.
  2. Employees can enjoy a discount when purchasing ASUSTOR products.

Year-End Banquet
ASUSTOR holds a year-end banquet annually to reward and thank employees for their hard work. Featuring first-rate dining and exciting prizes, employees come together to enjoy and celebrate all of ASUSTOR’s achievements from the previous year.

Three Chinese Festival Bonus
On their birthday, the three Chinese festivals (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival) and Labor Day, gift certificates will be presented to employees.

Marriage, Childbirth and Bereavement Subsidies
Because we are one big family, in the event of a marriage, childbirth or unfortunate loss of a loved one, an employee is eligible to receive a subsidy from ASUSTOR.

Parental Leave
Not only limited to female employees, all employees that have been employed for at least six months are able to enjoy a parental leave subsidy, achieving a balance between family and work.

At ASUSTOR we believe that employees are our most valuable assets. We provide talented and hardworking employees with compensation exceeding the industry standard. We warmly welcome people with dreams and enthusiasm who love to take on new challenges. Join ASUSTOR and together we can create a future of unlimited possibilities.

In accordance with government laws and regulations, ASUSTOR provides employees with basic insurance and also additional free group insurance and paid insurance at lower rates.

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Health insurance
  • Labor retirement pension contribution
  • Employee comprehensive group insurance includes employee term life insurance, accident insurance, hospital insurance, cancer insurance, occupational accident insurance and business travel insurance. This ensures that employees and their families will receive additional insurance while they are employed by ASUSTOR in the unfortunate events of illness, injury, medical treatment requirements or disabilities.
  • Employee paid insurance is provided for employees where they can select the appropriate type of insurance they require based on their needs. This includes accident insurance for the employee, spouse, children and parents, hospital insurance for the employee, spouse, children and parents and cancer insurance for the employee, spouse and children. All are provided at discounted rates giving added security to ASUSTOR employees and their families.


Employee Leave

Annual Leave:

After 1 year of employment: 7 days
After 3 years of employment: 10 days
After 5 years of employment: 14 days
After 10 years of employment: 1 additional day for each additional year employed for a maximum of 30 days per year

Sick Leave:

loyees receive 30 days of half-pay sick leave per year.

Paternity Leave/Prenatal Checkup Leave:

Male employees are provided with 5 days of paid paternity leave.
With regards to prenatal checkup requirements, 5 days of prenatal checkup leave are provided.

Maternity Leave:

After 6 months of employment, female employees are eligible for 8 weeks of paid maternity leave.



Recruitment Process

Application Method:

Apply for the relevant position using the website or email your application

Resume Review:

Resume review by the relevant department head.

Interview Notification:

Application accepted: You will be notified via phone or email to attend an interview at ASUSTOR.
Application denied: Your information will be kept on file and you will be notified of suitable opportunities in the future.

Parking Information
Interviewees who will be riding their scooters to ASUSTOR can park in the free scooter parking spaces beside the building. For interviewees who will be driving, it is recommended that you arrive early, so you will have enough time to find a suitable parking spot. For interviewees who will be taking the MRT, please take MRT to Qiyan station on the Tamsui (Red) Line. The walk to the ASUSTOR offices is approximately 2 minutes from Qiyan station.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

ASUSTOR Human Resources Department
Tel: +886-2-7737-0888
Fax: +886-2-7737-0899